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The night “curfew” is already a trend in the networks and the memes do not have time restrictions

The national government will apply from Friday, January 8, a night traffic restriction. This was confirmed by the Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero at a press conference.

The “night curfew” would apply from 23 to 6 in the morning, according to from official sources, although this time slot could vary according to each province. “The measures will be in this afternoon, they are already being drafted. It will be published this Friday ”, confirmed Cafiero.

In this way, and to prevent the coronavirus cases from continuing to grow, it will not be possible to go out on the public road in that time slot, except for essential workers.

It is expected that during the afternoon of this Thursday the president Alberto Fernández officially announce the measure. For those who do not comply with the restrictions, the sanctions included in the Article 205 of the Penal Code, the same rule that was used in the decrees that established the quarantine last year.

Though there are many people who support the measure -not for pleasure but to consider it necessary- there are also multiple opinions against the new rule promoted by the Government. How did they complain? With memes, of course.

One of the most repeated jokes was that of the times of parties and meetings.

“Alberto: * puts a curfew from 23 to 6 to avoid clandestine parties *. The kids at 5 in the afternoon: ”Shared Marcos.

“The government: * night curfew to avoid clandestines *. Young people: * poolparty in the afternoon *. The government: ”Lau tweeted.

Of course, if we talk about memes there are always the Simpsons. The Springfield family once again predicted what was going to happen.

“Graphic description of tomorrow when it’s 10:55 pm and let’s try to get back to our houses before curfew begins,” shared Camila Miele.

“This curfew so that young people and adolescents do not go out reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons,” Aguschina shared.

“The covid when you find out that from 23 to 6 can not infect,” shared Lelu with an image of Tony the fat.

“FROM THIS MOMENT, THERE IS A REMAIN TOUCH. ANY CHILD FOUND ON THE STREET AFTER DAWN WILL BE EXECUTED, ”Dk1n uploaded, along with a video with Chief Górgori and Kent Brockman.

There were also those who took advantage of memes to complain about those who have clandestine parties. “The milipilis and tinchos revealing themselves by the curfew because they want to continue drinking watermelon-flavored Smirnoff at clandestine parties,” Marcos tweeted.

Of course, the majority opinion is unanimous: the problem is not the hours or the restrictions, but the people.

The worst of all? What the future seems to hold at least until we can all get vaccinated: a 2020 equal to 2021.

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