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The next catastrophe looms in Hallein – flood shock in Austria

The storm– Unhappiness does not leave Central Europe alone!

It’s raining heavily in the Alpine region, from Innsbruck via the Berchtesgadener Land to the Lower Austrian Pre-Alps, up to 80 liters per square meter have already come down.

Videos show flowing floods in Hallein, Austria (state of Salzburg), the pictures are terrifyingly reminiscent of them Disaster in the last few days in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

A brook has developed into a torrent, the police confirmed. “The situation is very tense, sometimes dramatic,” said a police spokesman. However, there is currently no evidence of injuries.

The population had already been called on to be careful and not to go to the cellars. The situation is also tense in other parts of the Austrian Alps. The fire brigade had to pump out numerous cellars around Kitzbühel.

Flooding threatens in Berchtesgaden too. The level of the Berchtesgadener Ache is now 1.5 meters higher than was predicted hours ago, it stands at 4 meters. The old record was 3.12 meters.

In Upper Bavaria the situation is dramatic, said a spokesman for the integrated control center in Traunstein.

The places Berchtesgaden and Bischofswiesen in the extreme south-east of Bavaria are particularly affected. There the water shoots from the mountains, at the same time the water levels of the river Ache rose. Individual houses have already been cleared due to slipping slopes. The district is coordinating the operation with immediate effect. The people in the places were called to no longer enter their cellars.

“There are always emergency calls coming in,” said a police spokesman in Rosenheim. In the district of Berchtesgadener Land, all fire departments are required. “The situation is confusing,” said the spokesman. “It’s raining heavily.” Federal roads have been flooded or blocked because of mudslides.

Heavy rains in Saxony

Extreme rainfall of sometimes more than 100 liters per square meter led to flooding in Saxon Switzerland on Saturday. The district office of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains announced in the evening.

Neustadt, Sebnitz, Bad Schandau, Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna and Gohrisch are particularly affected. The authorities urged people to avoid cellars, underground garages and underpasses. In addition, flooded roads and paths could pose great dangers.

According to the state flood center, alert level 4 was exceeded at the Neustadt 1 an der Polenz gauge in the evening. In the lower reaches of the Kirnitzsch, the Sebnitz and the Lachsbach there was an “extreme rise in water level”. “Heavy floods are to be expected,” warned the flood center.

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