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The new sneakers of this sports brand pay homage to Yoda

The white tennis shoes They have proven to be the best companions for practically everything: going to work, exercising or just being comfortable at home. And if you are a lover of Adidas Stan Smith, one of the most classic silhouettes of the German brand, and of the films of culto ‘Star Wars’, then you are going to love the next release dedicated to Yoda.

Creating these tennis It is the result of a long collaboration between the German multinational and the science fiction saga. Already in the past there were editions that celebrated other characters in the film, as was the case with Chewbacca, Boba Fett Y The Mandalorian. Now it is the turn of the Most Legendary Jedi of all time in one of the iconic sneakers that will last you forever.

In a design that has captivated us over time for being elegant, classic, streamlined Y versatile, the Stan Smith remain one of the sneakers favoritos worldwide. Due to their leather-like finish, they are also ideal for the most sophisticated outfits, if it is the case that we want to wear them with dress pants, midi skirts or dresses.

How are the new Adidas Stan Smith in homage to Yoda?

This design can be worn on all occasions without worrying that it is one of the tennis that is no longer in fashion in 2021. The recognition of this character is the latest installment of a long collaboration that includes other cartoons such as Kermit the Frog Who said nostalgia? And as has happened with the other releases, the sneakers are made with the fabric ‘Primegreen‘, which according to the brand is made of 50% recyclable materials.

In addition to being ecological, sneakers inspired by the green alien They feature ribbons and illustrations. They go in white tone, With the cream-colored sole and on the sides we can find two legends that refer to the character: ‘There is no try’ (‘No attempt’) and ‘Do or do not’ (‘To do or not to do’) in gold letters. In dark green on the heel the face of Yoda.

In one of the tabs We can also find the extraterrestrial and in the other an illustration of his own Stan Smith, the former American tennis player. They’re not for sale in stores yet, but if you can’t wait to get your hands on them there’s good news. Its release is set for the May 5th, a day after the day that the franchise created by George Lucas is celebrated. The tennis shoes will be priced at $ 120.

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