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The new challenge for Cruz Azul

In a month and a half the moment of truth will come for Juan Reynoso’s team. However, the eleven victories in a row are no less valuable for that

January 7, 2021 Juan Reynoso was introduced as the new coach of Blue Cross. It is well known that it was not the first option, nor the second. Less than three months later it has delivered a new record for consecutive wins in franchise history. Not bad for being the last coach to take office for this tournament.

Eleven wins in a row is easy. The first argument that arises when this new brand of the Blue Cross is, “I want to see them in the league.” It is exactly what its fans have been waiting for 23 years. In a month and a half the moment of truth will come. However, the eleven victories in a row are no less valuable for that. Here are some of the factors that caused them.

The last tournament with Robert Dante Siboldi, their good times depended on the goals of Jonathan Rodriguez. Currently, in addition to ‘Cabecita’, eight other players have scored at least once. Yes Reynoso get the Uruguayan to enter the league with fine aim, he will be an invaluable asset. He comes from converting against Ciudad Juárez.

The assembly of the squad has been very good, and that corresponded to Jaime Ordiales. On Friday against Braves, still with multiple absences, they presented a more than worthy table to start. Let’s just look at the make-up of the defense. Injured Adrián Aldrete and Ignacio Rivero, first and second options on the left side. How did you solve it? With the flexibility of José ‘Shagy’ Martínez he can play both bands. Even Yoshimar Yotún ended up playing in that sector for a while.

Long before Reynoso was on the radar, Ordiales brought from Querétaro to Luis Romo, today become one of the best players in the tournament and base in the national team, and also to Rivero who can cover three or up to four different positions. Previously Ricardo Peláez had brought other pieces that are still valuable today, such as Pablo Aguilar, Yotún and ‘Cabecita’ himself.

Reynoso has recovered players who seemed lost, such as Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernández, whose first stage was not satisfactory in Blue Cross, today it is not strange that it is starting; Rafael Bacca was erased by Pedro Caixinha, now he is one of the most constant in midfield; Brian Angulo did not score a single goal in his previous stage in ‘The Machine’, today he has two goals. Everyone feels part of the team, that is essential towards the league and the untimely Concacaf tournament.

The new challenge for Reynoso is that the team does not drop. Once again they are fulfilling the mission in the regular season. If it were to points, Blue Cross would have lifted several titles in the last 23 years. The record is very valuable, indisputable proof of the good work that the Peruvian has done. But without the league title, the longest winning streak in the team’s history will have passed into the background. Did you want a new challenge for the next two months? There it is, very clear and defined.

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