Since balayage gained prominence several years ago, no other coloring technique or hair dyeing technique has been able to remove it from its throne, but it seems that it is about to happen. thanks to the arrival of ‘mousy hair’, a trend for brunettes that gives enviable results.

Choosing between its attributes is a difficult task. First of all, it looks natural and organic, almost like a sunbath. Brightens the face, rejuvenates the wearer, gives movement and shine to the hair, in addition to being suitable for any age. Arguments are not lacking to be the next success.

Goodbye balayage, hello hair highlighted with ‘mousy hair’

For the portal Clara, it is very easy to know why it was called ‘mousy’, which is equal to shy in English: It is a technique that seeks to give light in a soft and discreet way to enhance the natural color of the hair.

“We would be talking about a flash effect that gently lightens hair, but it remains faithful to the color of origin ”, explain the experts.

For this, they do a procedure similar to that of balayage, but the difference in results is obvious since it is done freehand, Therefore, the stylist is nuanced from the roots to the ends as he considers how he will best project the light and highlight the attributes of his client.

In the same way, it is valid for any tone and type of hair, from blondes, chestnuts or brunettes They may succumb to this new technique, but especially the latter will look great as they accentuate the tan and tan effect of your skin.

Similarly, there will be no worries because the hair assumes a very blonde tone for your skin since what prevails with mousy hair is subtlety, discretion and naturalness, leaving the roots darker and beginning to mark from the middle to the ends, without showing a very marked gradient.

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