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The Neuquén Government defines if there will be night restrictions

The circulation only for essentials after 11 at night is one of the points that President Alberto Fernández threw on the table to the governors of the entire country, in the framework of the teleconference where the epidemiological situation and the growing number of coronavirus cases after the holidays and in the middle of the summer season.

The national and provincial authorities do not hide their concern about the numbers that on Tuesday afternoon showed a considerable rise after two months of a trend of low and flat numbers.

Fernández’s proposal is that between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. the next day only essential and authorized personnel circulate. This would seek to discourage the meetings, for which it would also add greater traffic controls in the cities.

But the proposal of restricted hours at night, which would mainly affect the nocturnal gastronomic life of capitals such as Neuquén and tourist towns, such as San Martín de los Andes or Villa La Angostura, among others, would add a decrease in air services and an intensification of testing and work on the Detect plan.

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As he could know LM Neuquén, in Government House they analyze the pros and cons of the measure recommended by the national government, which seeks to slow down the arrival of the second wave to the health system, which in our province begins to show a marked growth that increased the occupation of therapy beds 95 percent intensive.

“It is not a curfew that would be applied, but a state of health alarm”, trusted sources from the Roca and La Rioja building. The announcement could be made in the next few days. One of the points is to know if it would apply seven days a week or during the weekend, as happened in some provinces like Chaco, there could be a relaxation.

“We are working on analyzing the measures, see how the projection of the cases continues and what would be the impact on the tourist season,” they added.

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Claudio Espinoza

The impact on tourism

Regarding the impact that the measure could have on the season, the Minister of Tourism, Marisa Focarazzo, told LU5 that “we are worried, it is a consequence of the lack of responsibility of a group of people who are not socially responsible”.

He maintained that “we have worked for nine months to guarantee the season.” He exemplified that Villa Pehuenia, Villa Traful or Caviahue you can see people respecting health protocols such as the mandatory use of the chinstrap, but in other towns where there is a greater tourist offer “there is non-compliance not only by tourists but also by locals, it is calculated that it is 20 percent of the population ”.


Julian Campos

“And it is very worrying because that percentage, although minimal, can generate a great, disastrous transmission for all the health security of the different localities,” said the provincial official.

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