The neighbors of Carlos Paz disrupted a clandestine party that lasted three days in “the Beach of the Hippies”

Clandestine Party in Córdoba

Just 10 kilometers from Carlos Paz, on Route 14 that leads to the city of Mina Clavero in the Traslasierra valley, is the commune of Cuesta Blanca.

There on the weekend the neighbors were “fed up” with denouncing to the police that a clandestine party was taking place, with at least 100 people.

The place, chosen to live by many lovers of ecology and quiet life, has as a communal norm that noises cannot exceed 50 decibels. “We try to keep the place as a place of rest and peace,” said one of the neighbors.

The party was held in the well-known Cuesta Blanca spa
The party was held in the well-known Cuesta Blanca spa

In the midst of that tranquility, on Friday night, January 1, the inhabitants of the area began to be alerted to the loud sounds that came from the area known as “La Playa de los Hippies”.

The place is a paradisiacal beach on the San Antonio river, which is only accessible by a walk of just over an hour through the mountains. There, A hundred young people, with DJ trays, drinks, a generator and even identification with bracelets, had set up shop for a clandestine party.

“They started on Friday night and, with some interruptions, the party just ended Sunday night when we went to the police. They were advertising it until Monday, ”commented Ana Cingolani, a resident of the area and a volunteer guardian of the sector.

After the neighbors acted, the police arrived
After the neighbors acted, the police arrived

The neighbor related the facts: “These people crossed through an unusual place with generators and sound equipment. We started hearing the noise on the 1st. at night. The first thing we heard was the music to the taco. The next day she was a room guard and the manager of the field and they managed to turn the music down and calm down a bit “.

According to the neighbors, the organizers of the party did not have permission from the owners of the field to hold the party. “The person in charge was one of the first who made the complaint,” said Ana.

The generator set seized from the organizers
The generator set seized from the organizers

In addition to not complying with any special protocol for COVID-19, the party was held within a provincial reserve where the use of the land has its special rules: “It is a place that has already been requested to be declared a wildlife refuge. Among all the neighbors we already manage that place as a nature reserve ”, explained the environmental guard.

“At night of January 2 and after the meeting with the room guards they ran behind another hill and started again with loud music. It started to rain and they continued with the rain. The party never stopped, “said the neighbor.

No police response

Already on Sunday, another room guard tried to convince the young people to drop their attitude, without results. “I went out for a walk and kept listening to the music, I called the police again and the woman who attended me said: ‘What party?’ They were ignorant when we had been partying for almost 48 hours and had a dozen complaints, “said the neighbor.

The generator set and glasses to dispense drinks, part of the kidnapped
The generator set and glasses to dispense drinks, part of the kidnapped

Tired of this situation, the neighbors issued a statement that they sent to the Police, in which They assured that they were going to stop the party: “We will be present in the area of ​​Playa de los hippies to try dissuade the organizers from continuing this clandestine electronic party that has been carried out without interruption since the night of Friday, January 1, due to the inaction of the Commune and the Police of the Icho Cruz Police Station, despite the efforts and complaints made “.

“There the police reacted. They convinced us not to all go. There were 4 room guards and the CEP staff ”, they explained on the Facebook page of the Cuesta Blanca room guards.

At that time, already Around 10pm on Sunday, the police arrived at the scene and seized the equipment, but no minutes were made or arrests were made.

The head of the Punilla Department, Cristian Cattaneo, denied the events reported by the neighbors to Infobae: “We arrived at the place at 11 pm on Sunday to prevent the party from being held. There were only 8 people, with a stereo. “

A stereo.  They took him to La Playa de los Hippies, an hour's walk through the mountains
A stereo. They took him to La Playa de los Hippies, an hour’s walk through the mountains

Regarding the delay in the response, Cattaneo apologized: “We had the complaints but on Saturday we couldn’t get there, because it rained heavily and we had to cross a ford, which made it impossible for us.”

For the neighbors, beyond the annoying noises, the measures against the spread of COVID-19 were not respected, “which is now a crime”, they expressed; Several environmental laws were also violated: “The place is not a place to have a party. They dismantled, cut down native trees. They set fire anywhere. A disaster”, they expressed in the statement.

“It was a party in which entry was charged, in a place that is not authorized, with complex access, without the possibility of having security or the possibility of an emergency service arriving and not to mention the measures for COVID,” he complained Cingolani.

Part of the neighbors who "they cut" the clandestine party, with the police and the "save environment"
Part of the neighbors who “cut” the clandestine party, with the police and the “guards”

“It got out of hand”

One of the organizers of the event, who identified herself as Ema, spoke with a local media in which she denied that the party had lasted three days: “The idea was never to have a clandestine party but to get together the whole group of friends, yes we are almost 100 people, in the open air and make a camp and play music, “he said.

“We were 15 on Friday and when we were there we started to warn them to bring a tent, food, and well, things got out of hand “he explained.

As noted, the event began on Friday, January 1 but ended on Saturday morning. Likewise, indicated that they wore “bracelets” to distinguish themselves, since the residents of Cuesta Blanca told them that there were many robberies in the area.

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