The national government summoned Rodríguez Larreta to decide the fate of the Police

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, and his Economy counterpart, Martín Guzmán, today summoned the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to a meeting for next Monday at the Casa Rosada to “agree on the resources for the operation of the Police”.

According to government sources told PROFILE, the meeting will be held next week.

In the formal letter of convocation sent to Rodríguez Larreta, it was made explicit that the purpose of the meeting is “define in a consensual manner the annual expense required by the effective transfer operated in favor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.”

Official sources said that the meeting will be held “within the framework of the formation of a bilateral commission to reach a consensual agreement on the transfer of powers and security functions to the orbit of the City, as established by the new Law.”

Rodríguez Larreta again sued Nation in Court for the cut of funds

The meeting “It will be carried out in compliance with what is required in Article 2 of Law 27,606, approved by the Senate of the Nation on December 10 and promulgated by the National Executive on December 28”.

“The objective of the meeting will be to define the guidelines for the dialogue process between both jurisdictions, as well as the formation of the pertinent technical teams,” says the note of the summons.

With this call, the National Executive “It reaffirms the desire for dialogue to define in a consensual manner the annual expenditure required for the effective transfer in favor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.”

The meeting will take place after the conflict that was unleashed between the Nation and the City due to the cut of the co-participatory funds that the Horacio Rodríguez Larreta administration received, based on the law that transferred the security functions of the national orbit to the Buenos Aires .


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