The mysterious “crypto clock” of the CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey and his Bitcoin watch
Jack Dorsey and his Bitcoin watch

At a March 22 disinformation hearing called by the United States Congress, the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google testified. They did it virtually and in the case of Jack Dorsey (Twitter) drew attention to a watch-shaped device looming at the bottom. What was it about?

The curious device was not displaying the time, or at least it did not seem to do so during the hearing. It’s about a bitcoin watch or a “crypto watch”. His name is BlockClock mini, has a value of USD 399 and it’s a kind of artwork with wifi which can show the time and also, in real time, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies chosen.

Requires Internet connection and its main function is to show the current price of Bitcoin and other data related to cryptocurrencies. The device is sold by the platform store Coinkite that classifies it as a long lasting item” from 7 digits, and points out in the description of the watch that “delivery times may vary” and that there are no guarantees of delivery date due to the high demand they have received.

Jack Dorsey’s crypto watch

In addition to the real-time quote values, you can display other relevant data for miners of cryptocurrencies (such as the balance in Opendime, which is a device, a hardware, that allows you to send Bitcoins).

The truth is that Dorsey with the appearance of his bitcoin watch has attracted attention and has grown interest in the device on the “blockchain rostrum.” The CEO of Twitter is a great Bitcoin fanatic.

The description of his profile on Twitter says “#Bitcoin” with an emoji with the cryptocurrency logo. The CEO of this social network He said in 2018 that he believes Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency within 10 years.

Dorsey teamed up with the rapper Jay-Z into a $ 23 million bitcoin development fund, which was announced in February this year. Even the CEO of Twitter has formally entered music streaming platforms, acquiring a majority stake in Tidal (de Jaz-Z) by USD 297 million and company shares. And this comes at a time of new searches in the world of music and its earnings, where new forms of monetization with cryptocurrencies are emerging.

On the other hand, Dorsey’s other company, Square (the app Cash of Square allows you to buy these cryptocurrencies) also invested USD 50 million in bitcoins in October 2020 and soon after increased it with another investment of USD170 million.

BlockClock Mini is sold by the Coinkite platform store that lists it as a 7-digit “long-term item”,
BlockClock Mini is sold by the Coinkite platform store that lists it as a 7-digit “long-term item”,

Dorsey is also really interested in the blockchain world in general, and weeks ago he auctioned his first tweet as an NFT for almost $ 3 million, then donated it.

The tweet, dated March 21, 2006, said “just setting up my twttr” (here installing my twttr), and was acquired by Bridge Oracle’s CEO, Sina Estavi, according to Valuables by Cent, the digital platform in which the auction was held.

The 15-year-old publication was sold as a non-fungible digital asset or token (or NFT, for its acronym in English). A good that does not wear out due to use and is also unique, because it cannot be replaced by another good of the same kind, is considered non-expendable.


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