The Municipality warns of storms with strong winds and hail «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The National Meteorological Service informs that as of early morning on Wednesday the storms of varying intensity, some strong that may be accompanied by hail and heavy rain showers.

In addition, during that same hour there will be rotation of the west wind with gusts, which will be intense with the passage of the front and the storms, then it will have a slight decrease.

From mid-morning it will increase again, staying throughout the rest of the day with gusts that will be around 75 to 85 km / h or higher, mainly on the coast.

While for the afternoon there is a probability of showers of rain and winds.

In this sense, those who live in height are reminded that they must hold any element susceptible to blasting balconies, check palisades or enclosures of land and fronts on public roads, -for those responsible for construction works- check all the material that may move.

For those who visualize risky situations, such as downed cables, poles or trees on public roads, telephone lines are recalled to communicate with Civil Defense (103), Firefighters (100), Police (911) and SAME (107).

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