The municipality deactivated 20 clandestine parties in which more than 1200 people participated «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The municipality deactivated 20 clandestine parties last night in which more than 1,200 people participated. In one alone, which was carried out in Daprotis and the coast, there were more than 600 young people.

The illegal events were deactivated by personnel from the commune’s Security Secretariat together with the General Inspection, and in some cases with the collaboration of the police.

More than 1,200 people were reportedly detected participating in these parties. Of all those that were part of the operation, the intervention in Daprotis and the Coast stood out (where more than 600 participants were withdrawn). In Libre del Sud al 1100 300 people were found, all of them minors.

Meetings were also broken up in Lijo López at 7800 (70 people), Alvear at 3800 (60), Estrada y Pirán (140), Chubut at 2600 (50), Kraguievich at 5800 (65) and Derqui 651 (45), among others. .

On the other hand, the General Inspection controlled the consumption of alcohol on public roads at the access to Playa Grande, where a post was established at the main entrance to prevent the entry of alcoholic beverages to the beach.

In addition, 12 cars and 3 motorcycles were hijacked during alcohol tests.


Since the ordinance that prohibits the sale of sound pyrotechnics was approved in General Pueyrredon -in December 2019-, never has so much pyrotechnics been seized as on the last Thursday, prior to the New Year’s dinner. In different interventions, 3,300 kilograms of various articles were detected without authorization, of which 1,300 were kidnapped and transferred to another place.

The remaining two tons were intervened, that is, taped and immobilized in place until the intervention of the Justice.

With the aim that the shops did not sell or display fireworks, the main operation was mounted on a perimeter delimited by avenues Jara, Colón, Luro and Libertad. In addition, another group of inspectors covered the northern area.

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