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The most rejuvenating nail colors and designs this spring 2021

Nail designs have the power to make you look younger And for that reason, we cannot stop following the trends in colors or styles that prevail this spring 2021.

Choosing the correct shades can make a difference because the hands have a lot of prominence when it comes to betraying your age, as well as the neck, so your manicures should be oriented to light pinks and nudes in their more subtle versions.

Other flattering options, which are also very fashionable, are transparent bases. Above all, they waste naturalness and simplicity, although more sensual alternatives such as the classic red and orange are also valid, which attract looks while remaining elegant.

Nail designs that rejuvenate this spring 2021

Those who know more about fashion have already announced it: the colors that rejuvenate you the most are the light ones and some of the bright ones, like fuchsia, but you should avoid yellows, blues, greens, silver and in general, dark tones because they have the ability to accentuate fine wrinkles around the fingers.

Nails in red

Take two traditional elements and transform them into something incredible: French and red enamel, which together, give a perfect sexy look for daytime commitments but also for romantic dates at night.

Double french

Very similar to the previous bet, this instead of carrying a single classic line as we know it, it is reinvented with the French doubles, which are not only elegant but also very fun. Use two different shades to create a contrast without sacrificing harmony.

Nude nails

Beige, champagne, pink and nude in general should be in your repertoire yes or yes. In this case, when it comes to spring, you can’t help but try how feminine floral nail designs look. Of course, sign up for minimalism with delicate shapes and in just a few fingers.

In white

Finally, the most versatile color of all also suits you well to rejuvenate you. If you choose, also select a bit of glitter to give it glamor and more eye-catching.

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