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The most popular programming languages, according to experts

The world around us is full of code. Code that has been written using programming languages ​​such as Java or Python. Or with more modern languages, like Swift. But, Which one should you choose if you want to be a programmer? Which one to start with? Which one will give me more opportunities to find a job? To answer this question we are going to resort to TIOBE index, a benchmark that orders programming languages ​​based on their popularity on the internet.

This index of programming languages ​​is updated every few months. And, although there are languages ​​that always appear, their distribution in the list helps us understand where demand is going and where software development is heading, websites or even scientific research, which also uses programming languages ​​to process data, for example.

TIOBE, the company behind this index, analyzes more than 1,056 million lines of code every day for clients around the world. It also monitors search engines and other data sources to score programming languages ​​according to their demand.

Specific, they turn to more than 25 search engines around the world, These include well-known names such as Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Ebay or MSN for the Western world and others such as Tmall, QQ or Sohu, more popular in China and other Asian countries. The result, as I said, is an index with the most popular programming languages ​​organized in several blocks.

The most popular programming languages

But let’s go to the index itself. The most recent, as of this writing, is the April 2021 index. The main list is topped by C Y Java, that the positions have been exchanged. Behind them are Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic Y JavaScript. The Top 10 closes it PHP Y SQL. In principle, it is an index similar to that of previous months, where the same names appear but with slightly different positions.

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