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The most expensive whiskey in Mexico costs almost 600 thousand pesos, has 50 years in the barrel and a lot of gold

When talking about whiskey world, a world of luxury and exclusivity immediately comes to mind and I could not be more wrong if we refer to the new limited edition Scottish distillery Highland Park. A distillate that was at rest for more than 50 years, with a limited edition of less than 300 bottles and whose price exceeds 600 thousand pesos.

When the Beatles were at their peak of success and Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, the distillery Highland Park He decided to put some of his distillate in one of his sherry casks to keep it for 50 years.

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The result was a limited edition of 272 bottles of Highland Park 50 Years Old, a whiskey with delicate aromas of black cherries, muscovado sugar and dark chocolate as well as notes of leather and smoke, all the result of years of rest in such a particular barrel.

And to make you crave more, this exclusive whiskey also has unexpected flavors derived from aging such as orange peel, toasted oak and ripe peaches, with the occasional note of espresso and dry spices.

It sounds very incredible, but wait until you know the price. This whiskey, what yes it will be available in Mexico, has a cost of 590 thousand pesos and there will only be five bottles in our country.

Of course, such an elegant drink had to be in an equally luxurious package, so each bottle has a numbered plaque signed by Highland Park’s “Master Whiskey Maker” Gordon Motion and a gold mouthpiece. In addition, it includes a decanter with gold finishes and comes in a chestnut tree wood box.

Without a doubt an experience that very few can have.

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