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The most comfortable and versatile haircut for spring is the flob

Although the spectrum is usually quite wide to accommodate all tastes and styles, there is usually always a haircut who manages to conquer more hearts and emerge as one of the favorites of the moment. The 2020 favorite was undoubtedly the bob, that cut straight to chin that has crossed all the barriers of time and that we love for being so elegant and feminine. However, this is renewed to give us the flob, the new obsession for this season.

It is a reality that the trend haircuts for 2021 point to casual styles softly layered to frame facial features and tousled locks for movement. Simple and natural styles that do not take away too much time in front of the mirror have been the favorites also on the catwalks, where the models’ manes are not perfectly aligned as was the case with de Balmain for your spring-summer 2021 collection.

However, if you want to implement one of the absolute favorites for this season, which in addition to being short is great to keep you cool during the hottest months of the year, you can’t miss the flob. It is not a completely new cut, but it does have unique characteristics that separate it from the bob and lob, as the longer bob that goes over the shoulders is called.

Flob: the favorite for spring 2021

El flob haircut is the latest version of lob that took over Hollywood last summer when thousands of celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer López, Bella Hadid, Selena Gómez o Jennifer Lawrence they made it part of their styling. This variation breaks away from the bob that sits just above the chin to sit midway towards the shoulders, making it the ideal length for those who don’t want to wear it too short or too long.

This was the prelude to flob, which has also been named as ‘bob plano’. Unlike layered haircuts, this is a blunt bob that is used straight and elegant in the central part. ‘With the trend flob hairstyle, you’re essentially saying goodbye to the side part and swapping it out for a middle part, with a bob,’ clarifies stylist Cory Aaron Scott. To give you a clear idea is precisely the one that wore Rosamund Pike in the role he played for the Netflix film ‘I Care A Lot’.

Is new trend that is a few inches below the chin and goes totally without any layer in between, it is ideal when we comb it completely straight because it helps to perfectly complement your bone structure. Being somewhat longer than the bob, it is also ideal for women with the Round face, as it stylizes and lengthens. Also, if you usually wear your hair down, this will be ideal because it will keep you fresh during the spring and it is very easy to maintain.

For the stylist of Alexa Chung, George Northwood, the name comes from ‘Flat Iron Bob’, which literally means a bob that was styled by an iron, that can be both straight and with light and casual waves. So as you see there is nothing definitive. For the specialist, the trick to make your haircut look irreverent is to set aside perfection by generating grunge waves. This is an alternative for those days that you don’t necessarily want to take it straight to the extreme.

Many times what we are looking for from a haircut it is precisely that, that it is versatile and that we can shape it in many ways. So whether you prefer to wear the flob in the most traditional way in an absolute smooth or playing with your iron to mark natural waves (if you do not have them naturally) is also a possibility. The good news is that on top it is long enough for you to hold the hair when you don’t want to know anything about hairstyles.

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