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The most affordable and mini caravan you will find

The most affordable and mini caravan you will find

If you are interested in the world of caravans, do not miss this minicaravan, which is surely the smallest and cheapest you can find.

Surely it is not the first news you read in which they tell you about the boom that the world of caravanning is experiencing. Either because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, because they have become fashionable or because people have discovered the freedom they bring, but sales do not stop growing.

What is almost certain is that until now you have never seen one teardrop mini caravan like this model called Coccon of the YGOnow brand, whose great advantage is its size, which not only allows you to maneuver without major complications, but also to park practically in any corner, as long as you respect the regulations, of course.

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And an added advantage that is not always taken into account is that when you are not using it in your day to day, it is also very easy to keep it, since it could fit in the same garage space of your car if it is small .

It is made almost by hand in Portugal and, although there are other companies that assemble this type of trailer, this one has an incredible price.

As you can guess, it is designed for a maximum of two adults, but it is really well equipped.

There are three versions: Cocoon S, Cocoon SE and Cocoon EX. The first one could be said to be almost empty, it only has the bed and you have to put up the mattress yourself; the next one adds kitchen, shower, USB sockets … And finally, the EX version adds autonomous power supply.

It has a 195×140 cm double bed and as extras you can add roof bars with fixing kit, upper bed, side awning, outdoor table, fridge / freezer, power inverter and even a 60W solar panel.

As you can see in the images, this minicaravan can be towed by any car, since it does not have a great weight and, of course, the B driving license is enough.

And the distribution of the furniture is really smart: the fridge goes in the lower left part of the back area, on the right there is a cupboard for kitchen utensils, just above it is the water basin and to the left of the hob the stove and the electric connections. Not forgetting that there are drawers for cutlery and additional cabinets in the upper part.

The ideal option seems to us that it is to travel four friends and that two sleep inside, the most cold ones, and another two sleep in the optional bed that is placed on the roof.

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And we have saved the best for last, its price, since it is available from only 5,650 euros, although this is the amount you must pay for the Cocoon S version, which we remind you is the least equipped. However, taking into account the prices of some motorhomes and camper vans, it is something to think about …

Source: YGOnow

Enrique Trillo April 7, 2021 – 09:24

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