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The Morning. What did AMLO say at today’s conference on January 7?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico will not intervene, after yesterday’s protests by supporters of Donald Trump in the Capitol of U.S upon the ratification of Joe Biden as president-elect.

“NOr are we going to intervene in these matters that correspond to resolve, to serve the Americans, that is our policy. salways it is very regrettable that human lives are lost, in that we can express ourselves; for the the rest we do not take a position, we wish that there is always peace, that the democracy what is the power of the people and that there are freedoms“he commented.

Mexico is going to renovate hydroelectric plants: AMLO

In La Mañanera, he asserted that to comply with environmental commitments, the government will renew the hydroelectric plants, as he accused that “there are like 60 hydroelectric at country that were built over the years that is it so underused, we are going to modernize to use the water from the reservoirs and generate more Energy with modern turbines “.

We are going to renew the hydroelectric What is it Energy clean and cheap. It’s a plan we have to follow going forward at purpose that there is energies clean and review the agreements, especially the legal framework, because it costs the state a lot to buy Energy wind to individuals, why do not pay for example transmissionIt is a subsidy, there are many deceptions, “he added.

Weight and economy, stable despite what happened yesterday in the US Capitol, says AMLO

He stressed that the peso and the Mexican economy remain stable despite what happened in Washington, U.S, “yesterday despite what happened in the Capitol our economy. “And he added that there is no polarization in the country,”only 25% of the population would like me to leave the government, 70% want me keep on going and 5% have not decided, so which polarization?“.

AMLO says he has not been invited to take office by Joe Biden

López Obrador revealed that he has not yet been invited to the inauguration of Joe Biden, “I do not have an invitation and I have decided to go out littleSince I have been in office, I have only made one trip to Washington, to the White House, because it was very important. the one that started the free trade agreement “.

AMLO proposes that IFT if integrated with the SCT

He proposed that he Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) join the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), as he assured that managers are “closely linked” with foreign companies, “those from above, closely linked with the predominant and foreign companies, let it go to Communications. ”

Hugo López-Gatell traveled to Argentina to collect data on the anticovid vaccine

He reported that the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, traveled to Argentina to collect data on the covid-19 vaccine that applies in that country, “to see if you can as well acquire this vaccine, but first do the review, the explorationIf for urgent reasons we acquire it because we need to vaccinate and have enough vaccines. “

Joe Biden acknowledged that Mexico serves a better pandemic than the US: AMLO

The president announced that during the December phone call with Joe Biden recognized that the care in Mexico in the face of the pandemic is better than in the United States, “the call I had with President Biden we discussed the issue and the recognized what I was better the Attention in Mexico, about the problem, what they were doing. ”

AMLO rules out monetizing YouTube

Discarded monetize your Y channelouTube to obtain income, as it indicated that “I do not like that because it is commercialism and I am a public official; first i don’t like that, morally I consider it improper and I believe that legally neither might do what, would have to do a paperwork “.

Further, condemned that social networks remove the right to transmit messages, after platforms blocked Donald Trump accounts, “I don’t like censorship, I don’t like that anyone is censored and taken away from the right to transmit a message on Twitter or Facebook, I don’t agree with that, I don’t accept that. “


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