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The Morning. What did AMLO say at today’s conference on December 29?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented The Pulse of Health during La Mañanera and announced that the decoration Miguel Hidalgo in honor of the medical personnel attending the covid-19 pandemic, “no we go to stop thanking them for their dedication, for their humanism, because they have been fundamental, women, men, from the health sector to face this terrible pandemy how much damage it has caused. ”

The Secretary of Health (Ssa), Jorge Alcocer, made a call to citizens prior to New Year celebrations and the arrival of the Magi to act with “great responsibility to avoid contagion because the pandemic continues to ravage and most important it’s taking care of ourselves. ”

CdMx and Edomex, with reduction of epidemic curve after return to red traffic light

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, I affirm that “Since October began, as the epidemic curve falls, the number of people estimated to be ill has fallen; still the number of people who unfortunately die from covid-19 does not decrease and the number of people hospitalized has not yet decreased. ”

He added that the Mexico City and the Mexico state reported a reduction in their epidemic curve for covid-19 before the return to red traffic light, “vWe are the first week of reduction which is consistent with already three weeks of reduction of mobility in public space, this is encouraging for those of us who live in the Valley of Mexico. ”

Miguel Hidalgo award to health personnel against covid-19

The director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, delivered the decoration Miguel Hidalgo to seven representatives of the health sector, “is a plaque symbolic that it will go to a very special place in each covid-19 hospital, with this we are seeking to recognize and remember the effort of all staff; there are 980 I know will distribute among all institutions“.

AMLO reports that new batches of anticovid vaccines will arrive in January

López Obrador reported that on January 4, 11, 18 and 25 new batches of anticovid vaccines will arrive in Mexico that will be distributed in 27 states, “in this way with Pfizer we cover, that is the estimate, the entire group of doctors, nurses, health workers, who are calculate in around 750,000 people, so it will reach us. ”

He assured that in January will start the vaccination of older adults with doses of CanSino, “I know established an agreement of 8 million doses from January to March of this vaccine is one dose and does not require low temperatures, so that by having this vaccine available we are going to start vaccinating older adults from January. ”

The blackout occurred yesterday in 12 states will not be repeated: AMLO

The president indicated that yesterday’s blackout occurred in 12 states and assured that it will not be repeated, so the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will present today a report on the causes, “it is not going to repeat, was a unbalance according to what the technicians, some plants went out of operation and this gender a lack of control in the whole system electric“.

“They are going to present a report today on the causes that caused this blackout in 12 states, what was it due to and answer the question if it will continue to happen, I can anticipate that it will not, we have a good service from Energy electrical“he commented.

AMLO cancels trip to Chiapas for the New Year to attend covid-19

President canceled his visit to Chiapas for the New Year, so he will remain in Mexico City to attend the crisis due to covid-19, “I have already made the decision that I will not leave at the end of the year, we will stay here, we will not leave why we are expanding the number of beds and equipping hospitals in Mexico City to treat the sick, we have availability, but we don’t want to trust ourselves “.

AMLO reveals corruption in contracts to build prisons

He revealed that there is corruption in contracts to build prisons, “I am going to give a report of all the thefts; in prisons, imagine who make a contract to build prisons, privatizan the prisons and the contract establishes that the supplier or contractor or the company that invests, builds, the prisons as well will provide the service of surveillance, feeding and laundry; he cost to the government is the equivalent of maintaining a five-star hotel“.


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