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The moments that have given flavor to Cruz Azul vs Chivas

We remember the best encounters between the Machine and the Herd throughout history in Mexican soccer

Along the history, Chivas and Cruz Azul have provided exciting encounters with historic somersaults, dispute of League titles, repechage eliminations and many goals, which is why in front of this panorama in ESPN Digital we present you the best moments that have given flavor to Cruz Azul vs Guadalajara.

Final Season 86-87

One of the most important clashes between both clubs was the end of the 1986-87 season, where Chivas had lost the first match 2 to 1 in CDMX, but in the second leg, Guadalajara turned the global scoreboard with a couple of entries by Eduardo de la Torre and Fernando Quirarte to obtain the ninth championship in the history of the rojiblanco team.

Summer 2000 Showdown

Guadalajara had the advantage at home, after a double from Jesús Mendoza and another goal from Tilón Chávez put Chivas ahead on the scoreboard 3 to 1, however, with a goal from Mauro Camoranesi and an outstanding performance by Ángel Morales and Francisco Palencia the celestial team turned the scoreboard to give the victory to Cruz Azul 3 to 4.

Repechage 2003

In one of the most important duels between both teams, the first leg Cruz Azul thrashed Chivas 4 to 1 on the Estadio Azul court, however, in the return match with goals from Joel ‘Tiburon’ Sánchez, Omar Bravo, Johnny Garcia and Jair Garcia, the Rebaño Sagrado equaled the global score to access the next round for better position in the table.

Closure Showdown 2004

Four years after the celestial somersault, Chivas took revenge at home, after with a double from Chelito Delgado and one more goal from Marcelo Delgado, Cruz Azul beat Guadalajara 1 to 3, however, in the complementary part Ramón Morales and Adolfo Bautista were in charge of flip the scoreboard to get the victory 4 to 3.

Somersault Closing 2012

In one of the most exciting duels on the field of the then Omnilife Stadium, Guadalajara lost 0 to 1 at home to Cruz Azul, however, a few minutes from the end, the team led by Ignacio Ambriz managed to turn the scoreboard with the annotations of Érick Torres and Héctor Reynoso with a last minute penalty for the final 2 to 1.

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