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The meeting is inevitable: for the sake of mother Harry and William will see each other again

Work on Lady Dee’s sculpture requires the approval of both brothers. For the sake of their mother’s memory, they nevertheless laid down their arms – however, it is not yet known for how long.

The planning for the statue of Princess Diana to be erected on July 1 at Kensington Palace has been long and careful. The sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley thought over every little detail, down to the fact that the monument was visible to the beholder from the steps of the building itself, but at the same time did not interfere with those wishing to enjoy the historical facades and did not draw attention. It was also important to observe the correct placement of all the statues in Kensington Gardens – each of them has its own place, which in general should correspond to the global design of the territories adjacent to the palace.

And while Rank-Broadley worked through the details of his creation, which, according to insiders, looks great, the main decision still remained with Harry and William. The brothers must agree on the design of the statue not only with the master, but also with each other – which means, at least, enter into a dialogue. Although one of the sources close to the sculptor reports that everything did not go so smoothly.

It is said that Zara and Mike Tyndall, the Queen’s granddaughter and her husband, acted as envoys in the negotiations. Photos of the blanks were sent to Harry and William, the approval was successful – however, it is not known how closely the brothers communicated. The insider assures that the conversation did take place and there were no scandals – after all, the princes were not going to arrange scenes, preparing to honor the memory of their beloved mother. It is known that on July 1, the princes will have to “lay down their swords” and meet with each other to honor the memory of their mother.

“I know that he Ian Rank-Broadley has really worked closely with the boys and I think it will be incredible,” the source shared.

At the moment it is known that the sculpture has already been sent for casting, which means that all the preparatory stages have been passed. At the same time, Harry and William will continue to oversee the project – they are the ones who lead the process. The princes had been hatching the idea of ​​erecting a monument in honor of Diana, who could have turned 60 this year, for a long time and, as sources close to the palace say, Megsita discussed it with great emotion.

“Both of them were still boys when their mother died, but now they are both grown men and want to pay her due respect,” they say in the palace. “It took 20 years for it to finally come true.”

The place where the monument to Diana will be erected is also important. The families of William and Harry once lived in Kensington Palace. For many years this residence was for them a common home and meeting place, which, as they say, cannot be changed – and there in July the brothers will meet again. We hope that their reconciliation will take place there.

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