The mayor of Pinamar justified the strong New Year’s police operation

“Since last night these images have been circulating about the control operation in Pinamar. The control operation has been implemented for two years to avoid pitched battles and this year, in addition, to avoid large crowds of people due to the pandemic”, raised the communal chief.

In this regard, he remarked that “a year ago at Christmas this camp battle, something that had already been happening in recent festivities “and that” in most cases they are minors, whom their parents let go out and drink. “

“It would be a bad mayor if I said that I did not know that close to 50,000 people gather in Bunge and Av. Del Mar on New Year’s Eve and kill each other with a blow. This is what happens. I understand that many do not like reality and it is because of that some of us work to manage and transform it “, Yeza pointed out in his chain of tweets.

And he added: “What was the result of our measures? 1) There was no vandalization of the public heritage. 2) There was no pitched battle in this area of ​​great affluence. I understand that we get used to interpreting photos, something that has done badly to politics. I invite you to evaluate results. “

“And finally, especially for the liberals. I never would have imagined that they would dare to ideologize order. They have confused their positions on the coronavirus with a pre-existing situation that was already occurring in Pinamar,” he concluded.

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