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The main medical adviser of the Japanese Government asks to discuss the celebration of the Olympic Games

The head of Japan’s government panel of experts on the pandemic, Shigeru Omi, said that the country’s authorities “should discuss” the holding of the Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo this summer, given the rebound in the pandemic in the country.

Omi spoke this way during his speech at a session of the Health Committee of the Japanese Parliament, when asked about the situation of the pandemic and its possible impact on the Tokyo Games, which are scheduled to open on July 23.

We are reaching the moment when we must discuss the celebration of the event, taking into account the situation of the expansion of infections and the pressure on the medical system as the most important factors “said Omi in his speech.

Japan faces a fourth wave of infections that has led the central government to declare a health emergency again in Tokyo and three other regions of the country, the most affected by the rebound in infections and by the increasing occupation of their hospital places for seriously ill patients.

The words of the main adviser to the Executive when dealing with the coronavirus diverge from the official message of the Government led by Yoshihide Suga and the organizers of Tokyo 2020, who have been repeating for months that the Games in the Japanese capital will be held whatever be the evolution of the pandemic.

The expert also said that “It would be too late” to wait for the scheduled start dates to make a decision on the Games or on the declaration of a new health emergency, but stressed that his role is “to think about the situation of the pandemic”, and not “to make a decision about the Olympics “.

In this sense, Omi has recommended to the Government “to think about various factors taking into account the situation of infections and the health system”, and pointed out that “it is the responsibility of the organizing committee of the Games and other agents involved to explain to the public” the final decision that is made.

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