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The lob haircut is the most comfortable and elegant trend for women in their 40s

If you were thinking of changing your look by renewing your haircut, trends suggest that The long bob, better known as lob, are a great success in any of their versions. This, because they were reinvented with the new flobs, which give a more glamorous touch to the appearance.

In general terms, It is a style that is worn in the middle of the hair between the chin and the clavicles, varying in its finish according to the woman’s preferences. That is, if you want it perfectly straight, blunt, with long layers, add a fringe or straight. Versatility at its finest!

Lob, the haircut for spring

After the lob is tested, there is no going back. It conquers you for a long time thanks to the fact that it is in a middle point between comfort and elegance. It has the ideal length to get ready in a few minutes, as well as adapting to any type of face.

Namely, There are plenty of attributes to this alternative that have been proudly worn by several celebrities between 30 and 50 years old, proving that it is the one that best suits mature women.

In the case of the flob, according to Hello, gets its name from a play on words: the short nickname of flat bob or straight bob, which looks edgy and quite neat and made popular by actress Rosamund Pike after her participation in the Netflix movie, I care a lot.

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Also, not only did it become fashionable to wear this type of straight and straight bob haircut, but also that returns to the classic stripe to the middle that had been lost in recent months at the mercy of the side stripe, what many have received with open arms because it is easy to create and maintain throughout the day.

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