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The leaked Facebook data and other tech news of the week

Personal data from 500 million profiles on the social network were posted on a hacking forum. In addition, Amazon faces what could be its first union and Xiaomi ventures into folding cell phones.

The last week was loaded with releases, announcements and revelations from the “Big Tech.”

The Chinese firm Xiaomi presented its first folding phone and said it will venture into the electric vehicle sector. Huawei’s financial results, framed in the US veto, and details about the working conditions of Amazon employees in the United States, a country where they plan to create their first union, were also known.

This is the count of everything that should not be lost in technological matters.

Xiaomi presents the Mi Mix Fold, its first folding device

This week, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi officially presented its first folding smartphone, the Mi MIX Fold, with which it ventures into a market in which other players such as Samsung and Huawei are already present.

According to the brand, this equipment is capable of folding one million times and launches the Surge C1 image signal processor, Xiaomi’s own. With it he promises to improve the functions of the camera, which is also capable of taking shots of up to 100 megapixels and integrates a “liquid lens”.

In addition, it comes with a 5,020 mAh battery, 67 W fast charging system and the Snapdragon 888 processor with 5G connectivity.

The company also announced that it will participate in the smart electric vehicle business, for which it will invest US $ 10 billion over the next 10 years. Xiaomi explained that the business will be operated by a subsidiary of the company.

Read the full note here: Xiaomi dabbles in folding phones and electric vehicles

Huawei posts record profit in 2020

The Chinese company Huawei announced a record net profit in 2020 on Wednesday, but its turnover stalled in the wake of the pandemic and US sanctions.

In 2020, Huawei obtained a net profit rising 3.2% in annual rhythm, US $ 9,840 million. Turnover increased by only 3.8%, compared to 19.1% a year earlier, and stood at US $ 134,000 million.

Huawei’s finances have faltered since 2018, when former President Donald Trump launched a campaign against the company. Its smartphone sales have been affected by a lack of access to key components and a ban on using Google’s Android operating system on their phones.

In fact, data from independent analysts shows that phone sales, both domestically and abroad, plummeted more than 40% in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Learn more details at this article.

Google will not be at the Mobile World Congress 2021

Google told The Verge that it will not exhibit at this year’s Mobile World Congress, one of the most important mobile technology events in the world.

According to the company, the decision is due to its current travel restrictions and protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, he joins a list of companies that announced their withdrawal from the Barcelona event, such as Nokia, Ericsson, Sony y Oracle.

The Mobile World Congress 2021 will be held between June 28 and July 1 in a hybrid format.

You can read more information about the event protocols at this note.

Amazon Admits Its Drivers Pee In Bottles During Rides

Amazon acknowledged that its drivers must urinate in bottles due to traffic or trouble finding restrooms during delivery runs. He accepted it, after having denied it, by publicly apologizing to a US congressman who denounced the situation.

“We know that drivers can have trouble finding restrooms due to traffic or sometimes on rural routes, and this has been especially the case during COVID, when many public restrooms have been closed,” the company said.

The issue generated controversy after The Intercept collected testimonies from several Amazon workers, who agree on the practices of urinating in bottles or defecating in plastic bags to meet delivery times.

The debate also comes amid an attempt by a group of Amazon workers in Alabama to organize into a union. The employees voted during February and these days the vote is being carried out, a long and disputed process because the validity of each vote is analyzed individually by the company and the workers.

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They publish data from millions of Facebook users on a pirate portal

The week closed with the revelation that the personal data of some 500 million Facebook users in 106 countries was leaked for free by a user on a hacking forum.

According to Business Insider, The exposed data includes telephone numbers, Facebook identification, names, locations, emails, among others. They correspond, among others, to more than 32 million users in the United States, 11 million in the United Kingdom and 6 million in India.

“This is old data” whose leak “had already been reported in the media in 2019. We found and repaired this problem in August 2019,” a Facebook spokesperson told AFP.

It is not the first time that data from millions of users of the main world social network has been put online. The most famous scandal was that of the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which used an application to collect millions of data from Internet users of the platform without their consent for political purposes.

Learn about the details in this article: Beware! They expose data from 500 million Facebook users

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