The heads of the Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force submitted their resignation this Tuesday and they will be replaced, according to an official note from the Ministry of Defense.

The departure en bloc from the military leadership occurs the day after the president, Jair Bolsonaro, opened a government crisis that included the abrupt and surprising dismissal of the now former Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo.

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The announcement was made after those affected met early Tuesday morning with the incoming minister, Walter Braga Neto, a general who was already in the cabinet at the head of another portfolio.

This is the first time since the recovery of democracy in Brazil that the civil and military leadership of the Armed forces. The resignation of the military chiefs is attributed to the pressure from the president to side with him in political battles, which aggravates a political crisis that coincides with the worst moment of the pandemic, when the territory breaks records of deaths and coronavirus infections, he said. The country.

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