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The latest Rolls-Royce jewel is a commission from the billionaire who will go to the Moon in Elon Musk’s ship

When in 2018 Elon Musk announced his first private space mission to the Moon for 2023, the billionaire Yukasu Maezawa He did not hang out with girls and he immediately took the eight available seats on the ship SpaceX. Now the Japanese fashion mogul is looking for the lucky future crew members through a contest.

Presentations made, today Maezawa returns to the fore by the hand of Rolls-Royce and a new exquisite preparation, specially designed for the Japanese businessman and to match, as specified, with his private jet.

In collaboration with the French house Hermes, the manufacturer of the double R presents the Phantom Oribe, a special version designed and handcrafted by a team of artisan specialists, whose lines are inspired by aviation and combines the essence of East and West.

This exclusive Phantom sports a cream paint and Oribe Green, which makes a nod to ancient Japanese pottery, which the businessman collects extensively. Combination to be transferred to the private jet of Maezawa, which will be painted with the tones Rolls-Royce.

The interior is predominantly finished in Hermès Enea Green leather, extending to details including the steering wheel, handles, gear selector and rotary controls for climate control settings.

On the wooden front you can see a reproduction of the Hermès horse, Hand carved and based on a design by French artist and illustrator Pierre Péron.

Edging Hermes also adorn the headrest cushions and rear seat calf supports, while Seashell white accents and lambswool floor mats matching complete the excessive equipment of this Rolls-Royce Oribe.

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