The last day of the year started with 215 new COVID positives

The Ministry of Health from The province reported 215 new coronavirus positives this Thursday at noon, with which there are already 41,786 people infected since the start of the pandemic in Neuquén. With these numbers, the upward trend in positives registered in recent days continues.

Currently, there are 3,756 infected people who remain with the active virus. At the beginning of the month there were 2,023. There are also 833 fatalities due to coronavirus.

According to the report, in Neuquén capital 50 new positives were detected; 33 in Zapala; 31 in Rincón de los Sauces; and 25 in San Martín de los Andes.

Also 15 cases were detected in Centenario; 10 in Piedra del Águila; nine in Villa La Angostura; eight in Junín de los Andes; and seven in Loncopué. Plottier registered six positives; and five in Aluminé y Cutral Co.

In Picún Leufú there were two new positives. While one case was registered in the towns of Las Lajas, San Patricio del Chañar, Chos Malal, Mariano Moreno, El Huecú, Villa Traful, Añelo, Andacollo and Villa El Chocón.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 36,982 people have already overcome the disease in Neuquén. The doubling time for cases increased to 105 days. Meanwhile, there are 90 patients in intensive care units, 10 in intermediate therapy, 169 in general and 3,487 outpatients1. The percentage of occupancy of beds reaches 88%.

Currently, in the province three epidemiological monitoring strategies are being deployed: traditional surveillance; the sentinel surveillance and the DetectAR strategy, which is carried out in different locations.

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