Victor Ocampo, better known as “The King of Extensions”, is one of the most important image consultants in the country.

He has more than 10 years of experience as a stylist and colorist, which has made him one of the most recognized on social networks.

It is also one of the favorites by celebrities in Colombia and Latin America.

This beauty guru explains what are the trends in cut and color in Colombia for the year 2021, after a year where the homemade dye took over any neglected look as a result of confinement.

Tips to take note as the second quarter brings with it all kinds of combinations between different shades of chestnut, honey, chocolate, pearly blondes, biege, reflections, highlights and the return of the roots but this time as a trend.

Baby Ligths

They are small and subtle reflections of light throughout the hair, which manage to give a lighter tone in a subtle and natural way. The reflections baby lights They try to refer as closely as possible to the base color. They are the most recent worldwide trend in color and add volume and luminosity to the hair.

Caramel, chocolate and honey bases

Besides having a sweet and charming name, it can be used on any skin tone. It adds shine to the hair, color to the face and softens the features.

Root effect

The “root effect” is in fashion and you no longer have to keep endless days at the hairdresser, this trend is ideal for busy women and makes that beloved tone that illuminates the features much more versatile.

The “marked root effect” will be maintained throughout 2021, especially due to the comfort that it entails but also because of the personality it brings and the definition of the blonde.

Beige, pearl or sand blonde

Blonde tones will always be part of the trends, since they are the safe option par excellence when it comes to a change of look for women with dark hair.

But in the remainder of 2021, neutral tones such as beige blonde or sandy blonde are the kings, since they go well with all skin types, and it has been called “the blonde that rejuvenates”.

The cold tones within the blondes, such as, ash and cane green are ordered to be collected.

His majesty black, the color that will never go out of style

It is a tone that will never go out of style especially in Latin culture, since this tone makes hair look shiny, abundant and healthy.

It is the most demanding color, as it highlights the features of the faces, but generates a visual effect on the hair that makes it look imposing, voluminous and is the perfect complement for an overwhelming personality. It is also an intense, classic, elegant and absolutely versatile tone as it can be worn on long or short hair.


Even cuts

A haircut can always be the best antidote to certain ills, that is why 2021 is the year of medium hair, bangs and very short shorts.

Short manes thicken the tip, which favors hair with very thin strands and also stylizes what favors round faces.

The bangs meanwhile, allow you to play with volume and movement and provide texture to the hair.

Due to the constant use of face masks and masks, it is a trend to wear very short hair, since it clears the face and is more comfortable and versatile since it works combed or disheveled.

Comfortable and versatile natural hair extensions

It is an option that will never go out of style and are preferred by all women when it comes to refreshing the look, without waiting for the hair to grow.

Extensions stylize the face, add length, volume to the hair and can give extreme tones to the look without having to mistreat natural hair. There are three types of extensions: point-to-point, drape, and ponytail.

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