the kilo of meat in the world is obtained between 15 and 25 dollars

President Alberto Fernández received a cataract of responses on the networks to his question of why Argentines have to pay for the barbecue as in other parts of the world. From different parts of the world they did not take long to answer him that the kilo of meat in Argentina is cheaper than abroad. According to a Clarín survey, the kilo of meat in Madrid, London and Berlin, on average, ok between US $ 15 and US $ 25 per kilo.

“Now the world demands meat. If everyone produces in pesos, Why do Argentines have to pay for a kilo of barbecue as a Chinese, a Frenchman, a German does. Why? Explain to me that I don’t understand. That happens to me with wheat, corn, sunflower, oil, meat … and it also happened to me with prepaid medicine “, Fernández said in an interview on Radio con Vos.

In an Argentine supermarket a kilo of premium meat (veal) costs between $ 700 and $ 800 depending on the cut. At an alternative exchange rate (it can be financial or blue) it would be about US $ 5. Abroad that meat is sold at least three times more. In other words, the world is willing to pay more for meat to Argentine producers than what the President says it should be worth. ‘the table of the Argentines’.

In Spain, the kilo of meat in Mercadona costs 10.75 euros and in Froiz supermarkets 10.79 euros.

In London A kilo of chorizo ​​steak starts at US $ 23. U.S the same cut can be paid up to US $ 50. In Buenos Aires a kilo of chorizo ​​steak is obtained for US $ 8 (taking the financial ones or the blue one).

In GermanyOn the other hand, taking Berlin as the case, there are butcher shops where Argentines in the networks told that they get empty at US $ 8 and other cuts from US $ 13.

The President said that “I am in a struggle with food production in Argentina. The world demands food and the prices of soybeans, corn and wheat rise. But Argentine producers produce in Argentine pesos and for two years they have not had increases in electricity or gas rates and the increase in fuels was very low ”.

Ecolatina economist Federico Moll tweeted: “It is not true that in Argentina meat is paid at the same price as in Germany. In few countries beef is so cockroach like here. Of 103 countries surveyed by Numbeo Argentina is ranked 99“.​


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