Fashion has always been fed by traditions and culture. When we look specifically at Latin America, it is indisputable that many signs distinguish us and have been sublimated more than once throughout history, with a very strong accent since the 1930s. In those days, the interpretation of the theme was what they called ‘indigenista’, with a distant look from an elite that spoke of recovering the indigenous culture, forgotten since the Conquest.

From painting, literature and dance, to Fashion, folklore and the wealth of talented artisans from the region began to apply since then to creation. Then in the days of postmodernism, many designers They used the aesthetics of their roots as a differentiating element from the rest of the world.

The danger of that was looking at our culture as something exotic, extravagant, or even mystical. Those who did it in an elemental way, used indigenous symbols in a crude way, in ‘tourist trap’ style products, without any global contribution in their design.

Fortunately, others sought inspiration through research, the meaning of the symbols they would use, crafting materials, craft traditions, and fair production practices. All of that made it new proposals with a regional identity, without divorcing them from what connects us with the rest of the world and universal trends.

Becoming leaders in the proper use of our identity is the best and most effective antidote. against cultural appropriation and racism in the industry, something that powerful brands have wielded when using our techniques and identity patterns to their benefit, indiscriminately and without respect. The alternative is to ensure and be aware that the use of our symbols is done with an inclusive intention.

The keys to Latin American fashion, without clichés

There is no recipe that tells you how to get away from the clichés when it comes to dressing Latin American fashion, but there is practice, common sense and knowledge of the industry. These are some ideas.


Each color can make you feel differently or, conversely, tell other people what your mood is. Then there are the trends, which many follow… But do not get carried away by the vision that to be a Latina you have to walk with vibrant colors in each of the pieces of your outfit!


The prints They are always incredible to create a narrative through what we wear, but always look for them to please you and to be in tune with what you wear. Faces and totems printed on a blouse or tunic are not the only way to say that you are Latina. Many of the great names in graphic art are from our countries, contemporary and globally respected without the need to appeal to ‘indigenism’.


Since it occurred to someone that the idea of ​​the sensuality of Latin women is to accentuate curves, more than one feels that the notch has to be narrowed. Not at all. If you review the proposals of most of our and our creatives, nothing is more effective than baggy garments that suggest much more than they make obvious.


It is a good time to wear garments made of indigenous materials, with respect for the environment and following fair practices. Although you may not have thought about it, Latin America is becoming a important pole of sustainability and that can identify us and make us proud.


Here we have the privilege of many jewelry brands and leather accessories that use latin american cultural symbols in exquisite contemporary designs. There is so much to choose from!

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