The Justice ordered the seizure of 26 properties bought by Daniel Muñoz and his front men, up to covering $ 1.6 billion

The environment of frontmen of the former secretary of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, Daniel Muñoz, is investigated for money laundering

Federal judge Marcelo Martínez De Giorgiordered seize more than twenty assets that, according to the Justice, were obtained by the former private secretary of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, the deceased Daniel Muñoz and his figurehead environment.

The money laundering case in which this decision was made is a file derived from the case of
the bribery notebooks, instructed by the late judge
Claudio Bonadio.

The hypothesis of Justice is that part of the money from the illicit association investigated in the notebooks case was used to obtain property and assets in Argentina and abroad, mainly in the United States, through a network of companies and offshore accounts.

Muñoz bought properties in Argentina and apartments in Manhattan and Miami, U.S. When the investigation known as Panama Papers, disarmed those foreign investments and in numerous operations moved their money to the islas Turks and Caicos.

Carolina Pochetti, the widow of Daniel Muñoz
Carolina Pochetti, the widow of Daniel Muñoz Source: LA NACION

The list of properties that Martínez De Giorgi has now ordered to seize – which is subrogated by the court owned by Bonadio – includes assets located in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires. The embargo was issued until cover the sum of $ 1.6 billion.

In this case, a plot was investigated through which goods were bought in the country and money was moved abroad. Two garages in the city of Buenos Aires, various apartments and houses, properties in Río Gallegos, in La Angostura and Mar del Plata, are some of the places where Muñoz’s money arrived.

The iconic building at 485 Brickell Ave, in Miami, where Muñoz bought two apartments
The iconic building at 485 Brickell Ave, in Miami, where Muñoz bought two apartments

Also, those 26 front men were involved in the purchase and subsequent sale of the apartments for 75 million dollars in Miami and New York that were liquidated to invest in the paradise island Turks and Caicos.

“It is conducive for the present investigation to analyze the possible application of a precautionary measure, with respect to the registrable assets in particular, aimed at guaranteeing the rights of the National State, since it is a party injured by the laundering maneuvers subject of investigation,” said the judge.

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