The journalist Horacio de Dios died: the moving farewell of his son

The journalist Horacio de Dios had extensive experience in graphic media, television and radio.
The journalist Horacio de Dios had extensive experience in graphic media, television and radio.

The renowned journalist Horacio de Dios died today. With more than fifty years of career in graphics, radio and television, He appeared in the newspapers La Razón (1956-60) and El Mundo (1960-66). He was a member of the news team of Canal 13 (Martín Fierro Award) and Director of Special Events (1967-71). He was a columnist accompanying Bernardo Neustadt, among others, and a permanent contributor to the newspaper La Nación with his column and blog Alma de Valija since 1990. And finally, with his son, Julián de Dios, in 1993 founded de Dios Editores, the first Argentine publisher of travel guides.

Julián de Dios' post on Facebook to fire his father.
Julián de Dios’ post on Facebook to fire his father.

It was Julián, heir to his passion for journalism, who was in charge of firing him on Facebook with a post that he titled “Bye dad”. And that is how the news confirmed: “Today my old man died. I could say, as the “Gonzo” Hunter Thompson wrote, that my old man spent his life to the last drop of air. Two months ago he continued with his ceremony of wandering around what the body and quarantine allowed him, discovering a story and then returning home and telling it to his wife Sofía, his granddaughter Julia or his friends, and ending the day, watching a movie per night. “I like to be told a story before I go to sleep, like any boy.” At the beginning of November we would walk through the Plaza San Martín and I would repeat the dialogues (and silences) of “My dinner with Andre” by Louis Malle. It was fascinating, especially because of the use of silences in the film. The talk derived from the importance of silences in order to give value to a dialogue. And so on, until evening and we returned to his house. A few hours later, the 90-year-old passed all the bills at once. And his health broke down. Two weeks ago he said to me “Bye son” and was silent “.

Horacio with his son Julián and his granddaughter Julia.
Horacio with his son Julián and his granddaughter Julia.

The journalist, winner of a Konex Award in 1987, was born on September 3, 1930. On the emergence of the publishing house, his son assured: “He was born on a spring night in 1993 at the Bachín restaurant in Buenos Aires, when my father, Horacio de Dios, my wife, Carla D’Elia and I enjoyed some “fettuccini tuco and pesto” while we put together a trip to Miami. We wrote down on the paper tablecloth all the places that we should not miss. Dinner lasted until three in the morning and in the taxi, with the paper tablecloth under one arm, we said “why don’t we make a travel guide?” And that’s where the idea was born. We traveled, and four months later the first edition of the Complete Miami Guide was published, which in less than a year sold more than 20,000 copies. Both my father and I were journalists and our only initial capital was the fascination for traveling, our curious gaze, and the job of knowing how to relate our experiences and the stories we saw”.


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