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The JEP asks PSOE and UP to withdraw the propaganda of the vote by mail with photo of the candidates

Madrid, Apr 10 (EFE) .- The Provincial Electoral Board of Madrid has requested the PSOE and United We Can to remove the brochures promoting the vote by mail when the photo of the candidates of both formations, Ángel Gabilondo and Pablo Iglesias, appears in them. understanding that it is an act of electoral propaganda.

The JEP has adopted both decisions following complaints from the PP regarding these brochures “apparently promoting voting by mail” and that, in its opinion, they are electoral propaganda, prohibited from the beginning of the call for elections until the beginning of the campaign.

Regarding those distributed by the PSOE, the PP denounced that on “the first page or cover of the form there is a large photograph of the candidate Mr. Ángel Gabilondo with the mention at the bottom: Ángel Gabilondo candidate for the Community of Madrid”.

As for United We Can (UP), the PP pointed out that on the first page or cover of the form there is a photograph with the United We Can candidate and the Popular Party candidate with the supposed merits and demerits of each one “.

For the JEP it is in both cases an act of electoral propaganda prohibited by article 53 of the LOREG and instruction 3/2011 of March 24 of the Central Electoral Board.

For this reason, it requires the PSOE to remove the photo of its candidate from the brochures and Unidad Podemos to the immediate withdrawal of the form “supposedly made to promote voting by mail.

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