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The jeans that our mothers used are the most worn in spring

Surely when you think of jeans your mother wore in the 1990s (and which are also leading current trends) the mom jeans be the first to come to your mind. However, on this occasion we are not referring to them or to other models of which we have written so extensively: baggy, boyfriend, flare, flared or wide. Those who shine with the limelight are the model 90’s Full Length.

Because it is a basic piece of our wardrobeWe are constantly looking to find the best jeans that fit our body in the most flattering way. It was precisely thus that we arrived at this loose form that begins to diversify among the Zara’s newest proposals in different shades and washed in denim. Are the jeans at the end of the day, the quintessential democratic garment that connects us with the outfits of women in all latitudes of the world and that has an undeniable charm for its ability to balance any combination.

All 2020 and the latest collections from spring Summer for this year of big fashion houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, Dion Lee O Balmain, they have reinforced that nostalgia retro seventies and nineties who put baggy, loose, and sometimes slightly flared trousers in the front row. If you are ready to give versatility to those that you have already worn before, we tell you what are the details you should look for to be sure that it is one of the jeans in trend of the 90s that are back.

How are the 90 Full Length that our mothers wore?

It is a fact that jeans will remain the pants that we will use the most this season when we want to take a break from our leggings favorites and other types of garments, hence the importance of expanding the repertoire when we see fit in order to try out new trends and expand the horizons of our wardrobe. Some of your favorite brands of fast fashion they are already given the task of introducing new models from time to time.

There are many reasons why the most important forms that triumphed almost thirty years ago are back after the reign of the skinny jeans and the pants of shot low. The pants that our mothers wore then, to initiate theto the waist and fall in a straight cut, They are ideal to enhance the best side of our figure, it does not matter if you are a tall or petite woman. It is that form that is not totally attached to the body and that has many benefits.

To know how to distinguish them, we start from a few basic points. The 90 Full Length begin, as do the mom jeans, of a silhouette of High waist, that starts a centimeter or two above your navel. They remain lslightly loose around the zipper and leg area and fall straight to the floor, subtly camped but not too much. How they finish is the essential point that differentiates them, since the mom jeans are a little tighter at the end and finish just at the ankle.

If you’re short There is no reason why this garment is discarded, it can also be extremely flattering, since by starting in the upper part of your abdomen and finish to the floor, a line is drawn that crosses more than half of your body, something that gives a feeling of length. However, you do want to pay attention that these are not so long that you drag them, so if you need to cut them a little with the help of the tailor, do not hesitate to do it. The 90’s Full Length they must end at floor level.

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