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The jeans in trend that you should avoid if you are petite

Each season comes with new trends and pieces that are reinvented, one of them are the jeans, that garment that we share with mothers and friends and that now comes in the most casual key possible (reminiscent of the previous year) and yes, although now we put comfort as the key to putting together a look, it is important to remember that that does not mean that it is precisely flattering for our silhouette.

One of them are jeans wide leg: as its name implies, it is a wide-cut model that follows the idea of ​​comfort inside and outside the home, but that if you measure less than 1.60, maybe you want to think a little more to acquire them.

Trendy jeans to avoid if you’re under 1.60

Don’t worry, this article is written by someone who measures a little less than that, and as well as someone who doesn’t want you to invest unnecessarily in pieces just because they’re on trend. That is why at once I notify you, because of wrong tests and investments, that these pants are not favorable.

Let’s analyze for a moment: these jeans have a long and very wide waist, with what this cut to be at the waist, already reduces the visual effect. With that, it is added that the shot is too wide, and covers the feet, which means that your silhouette is reduced and it looks smaller, therefore, smaller.

The drawback with this cut is that it reduces the silhouette when this is measures less than 1.60In addition to having the long shot, it is likely that it will be a garment that you will probably drag and in the long term, it will wear out.

You will undoubtedly see the jeans con corte wide leg for a long time, but as we mentioned from the beginning, from fashion what suits you. And yes, this cut is not suitable for when we have these measurements.

The truth is that whether you wear a crop top or a shirt, it does not style as well as it should, unless you wear very wide shoes, but even the volume will be that you cut the figure in an unintentional way.

So what are comfortable jeans that look good in petite silhouettes?

We already know that skinny jeans are the infallible option par excellence, but if you want something baggy then there are three cuts you can choose: mom jeans, dad jeans y jeans rectos. Each of them comes with a certain amplitude that in addition to giving you freedom of movement, in addition to they look great with tennis, loafers or kitten heels, if you want to give them a little more style.

Remember that for the warmer seasons of the year, these models can be worn in washed denim colors, but also even with subtle prints, remember that one that begins to abound are the flowers.

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