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The investigation into the death of a girl by a lightning strike in Plottier advances

From the Prosecutor’s Office it was reported that The interviews with the witnesses were carried out due to the fact that occurred yesterday at the recreational area of ​​the UPCN union located in Plottier, where an 11-year-old girl died after a lightning strike struck a tree. ANDThis afternoon will be the result of the autopsy.

The autopsy is to establish the cause of death. It is a violent death. There does not necessarily have to be a person responsible. It is to verify that it was the lightning as the witnesses said. Not necessarily every investigation ends in an accusation “, the prosecutor María Eugenia Titanti informed RÍO NEGRO.

reported that several witnesses who were at the site were interviewed and “They realized that when the storm started they took refuge in an area of ​​trees, but unfortunately the lightning thing happened. “Among them, the girl’s aunt, who was the person who accompanied her, was investigated.

He explained that it was ruled out that they had been inside the pool at the time of discharge.

Criminalistics personnel worked there until last night. Staff from the Neuquén Integrated Emergency System (SIEN) also attended.

Three people who were injured by the shock wave of the discharge, among which was the minor, were transferred yesterday to the Plottier Hospital. Then the death of the girl was known, and the other two people, a 25-year-old woman and a baby, were known to have had minor injuries.

“The woman and a baby belonged to another group of people, in fact they were not in the same place as the girl,” Titanti said.

For his part, the general secretary of UPCN, Edgardo Oñate, regretted the fact and pointed out that the personnel of the place made themselves available to the Justice to collaborate with the investigation.

The lifeguards were acting according to the protocols we have in stormy rains. When it started they took people out of the pools and told them to leave. People were dating at the time it happened. It’s unpredictable. In fact, our lifeguards are the ones who gave the girl the resuscitation“said Oñate.

He said that the union also held a dialogue with the aunt of the minor who lost her life.

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