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The Intelligence Bicameral denounced the wiretapping …

The Bicameral Commission for the Inspection of Intelligence Bodies and Activities, delivered to the head of the Chamber of Senators, Cristina Kirchner, and to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, the first semi-annual report of inspection and monitoring of the Directorate of Legal Assistance in Complex Crimes and Organized Crime, DAJu.De.CO, in which a series of irregularities were detected in the setting up of legal cases.

The head of the Bicameral Leopoldo Moreau described as “an office that was dedicated to persecutory militancy” the actions of the DAJu.De.CO – which by decree of the then president Mauricio Macri was left in the hands of the Supreme Court – due to the commission of “very severe irregularities that affected the privacy of people, through illegal wiretapping and leaks to the media, and their most basic rights and guarantees” and described the creation of the wiretapping office in the hands of the highest court as the attempt of “establishing a judicial terrorism”.

The report delivered to the heads of both houses of Congress contains the analysis of 20 of the 55 precautions created by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), in the times of Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, and the leaks of wiretaps of three cases in particular from judicial and precautionary cases: the conversations between Parrilli and CFK, the private dialogues of former officials imprisoned in the Ezeiza prison taken from public telephones – known as “Operation puf” – and punctures to the telephone numbers of relatives of Santiago Maldonado.

Moreau announced that a second semi-annual report will be presented in March that will demonstrate the organization of “a systematic plan of illegal intelligence and political persecution.”

In addition, the head of the Bicameral Commission, who yesterday gave an opinion on the report and began to make it public, as PageI12 advanced, pointed out that in the last 24 hours the president of the Supreme Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, responded to a request made three years ago. months, regarding one of the irregularities detected: the creation of evaluation committees to appoint the experts of the cases, which could be changed “with the sole signature” of the head of the highest court.

The report was prepared by a subcommittee of the Bicameral, made up of deputies Rodolfo Tahilade (Frente de Todos) and José Cano (Together for Change) and Senator Claudio Doñate (Frente de Todos), who held meetings with judicial officials and They examined countless documents, regulations and administrative decisions of that Agency. Among them the request to the federal courts for all the cases in which the AFI was involved.

By virtue of the depth of the report prepared, Moreau pointed out that “it is not a literary work, it is a scientific work” and stressed that “it is a technical report that had the endorsement of all the members of the commission , very few legislators of the opposition made observations but only to the opinion “.

When making an advance of the report to the heads of the chambers, Moreau not only pointed out the irregularities in the performance of the DAJu.De.CO but also in its own conformation, based on a presidential DNU, a few days after the inauguration of Mauricio Macri, and that it was expressly accepted by the Court.

And, from there, the president of the Bicameral listed several irregularities committed by the highest court, including the appointment of the head of the office, Martín Irurzun. “Neither the body, nor the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, could deliver to the Bicameral the act of drawing with which the position was defined,” he denounced.

Moreau added that the creation of evaluation commissions for the appointment of experts specialized in Cases of Corruption and Crimes against the Public Administration were chosen at discretion. “Some of those appointments were for the sole signature of the then president of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lorenzetti,” Moreau added in reference to the then head of the Court.

After Moreau’s presentation, Senator Oscar Parrilli, a member of the Bicameral and one of those affected by the operation of the DAJu.De.CO, took the floor, who assured that if the current government presented “a project with this organizational structure, they would qualify us as creating a judicial Gestapo. “

“It was clearly the creation of an organism to carry out espionage,” said Parrilli and stressed that it was not only about irregularities committed by the Supreme Court but also by the Executive Power, based on the “collusion and participation of responsible officials such as Arribas, Majdalani , and the ministers of Justice, Germán Garavano, and Security, Patricia Bullrich “.

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