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The impressive images of the storm that hit …

Monday night a storm hit the area of ​​Greater San Miguel de Tucumán, causing the death of two people, destruction, flooding and dozens of evacuees. According to local media, more than 30 thousand residents were affected by power outages caused by the flood.

“It is a very intense rain, whose epicenter was concentrated in the metropolitan area. It was particularly important in Yerba Buena, in Tafí Viejo, in the Las Talitas area, and in Alderetes; in the north of the province not so much, although it did rain ”, explained the head of the Provincial Civil Defense Directorate (DC), Fernando Torres, to the newspaper La Gaceta.

One of the victims was identified as Juan Manuel Monteros, who had been electrocuted at his home, located in the city of Yerba Buena, when he tried to turn on an electrical device. Monteros was transferred to the Ramón Carrillo Hospital where the doctors indicated that he was admitted without life.

The other deceased person is a 22-year-old young man who also suffered an electric shock when he came into contact with a trailer parked in a garage, located at 1400 Américo Vespucio street.

According to Torres, the intensity of the storm -In the most affected area of ​​the capital, 105 millimeters fell between 8 and 9 at night– caused damage to homes and vehicles, in addition to “It caused all the streets to be flooded; particularly in the capital area “.

Users on social networks uploaded images of how the buses had to travel with the water at wheel level, or how private cars were dragged down the street.

The local authorities decided open an evacuee center in the municipality of Las Talitas, north of San Miguel, and assistance is being provided in the most affected places, although Torres specified that no serious injuries were recorded.

The Emergency Committee, in turn, reported that 26 people remained evacuated in a Community Integration Center located in Los Pocitos and that last night more than 120 people who had been affected by the storm attended.

The water also reached the Zenón Santillán Health Center Hospital. “It is one of the most important hospitals. I have no information on whether he was going to get vaccinated here. The truth is that has been impacted and water, especially in underground areas, has been a big problem“Torres explained about it.

Another of the most popular videos on social networks is one where you can see a delivery man from the Orders application As he is dragged by the water in the middle of the street. Two police officers and a citizen were able to help the cadet.

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