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The Hyundai Santa Cruz is two weeks away from being presented and we are already anticipating a disruptive design similar to that of Tucson

Hyundai is betting heavily to differentiate itself from the rest of the brands thanks to disruptive of your designs. Controversial and out of the box, but with that touch that captures attention and imprints its shapes in our minds for longer, regardless of whether you like what you see or not. Now just two weeks after meeting the new member of the family and with a focus on the American continent, they advance us a couple of teasers of the Hyundai santa cruz, its pick up compacta.

The pick-up market is one of the most popular in the United States due to a series of social and cultural elements that have practically placed this type of vehicle as a hallmark of identity; regardless of whether you live in the city or in a rural community. That is why Hyundai dared to experiment with that segment. His first concept was presented to us in 2015 and since then hundreds of waves of rumors have come and gone.

Just two weeks of its official launch, Hyundai presents us with a couple of images that advance the essential lines of the truck and that change considerably from what we saw in the 2015 concept. Now it adopts a design that is more in line with what we have seen recently of the brand, especially with the Hyundai Tucson and its huge Grill which integrates the waterfall-shaped daytime running lights with individual triangular-shaped clusters.

We also noticed several other ribs on the sides that follow that same philosophy full of angles on doors and hood. Hyundai decided to go with a configuration of double cabin and hit something smaller. With this a little clearer we can see that its focus is not so much on being a vehicle designed for hard work, but rather something of recreational court/ aspirational.

His presentation is scheduled for April 15, 2021.

This last idea is reinforced by being clear that your platform will be monohull and not body-on-chassis like that used by the most capable pick-ups designed to travel more difficult roads or withstand tougher jobs. In this case, it is more than likely that Santa Cruz carries the same N3 platform as the Tucson. Hyundai Santa Cruz will have a very strong rival, the Ford Maverick, another compact pick-up derived from the Ford Bronco Sport and that shares the monocoque platform and recreational philosophy, rather than that of work.

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