Another exposure on the NTV channel. The show “Mask” revealed the real identity of the Unicorn. And it turned out to be a singer, composer Irina Dubtsova. If in the previous issue the judge of the project Philip Kirkorov saved her from exposure, now he left no chance.

The host of “The Mask” Vyacheslav Makarov later sympathized with the Unicorn, that is, Irina Dubtsova. The persecution that fell upon her after the rescue became a real test.

“How much did the Unicorn endure in the comments after the last issue,

she can safely be awarded a medal for endurance and courage, ”the showman is sure.

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The fact that Irina Dubtsova is wearing a unicorn costume was understood by many. Including ex-participant of the first season of the show “Mask” Yulianna Karaulova. The girl with 100% confidence called her name and emphasized that she had known Dubtsova’s timbre for a long time.

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