In the final part of the duel between Guadalajara and Santos the cry was heard in the stands of Akron that it is about eradicating

Sources assured ESPN Digital that The homophobic scream that was heard at the end of the Chivas vs Santos game on Sunday on the Akron Stadium field was settled in the referee’s certificate and that corresponded to the date 13 of Guardians 2021.

Officially, the homophobic cry was heard at minute 90, when the tie to a goal was practically a fact. Referee Fernando Guerrero stopped the game and reported the incident to the local sound and since the forbidden cry had not been repeated, the standard protocol was not continued either.

According to the protocol approved by the club owners in these cases, if the homophobic scream had been heard a second time, the whistler would have notified the captain of the local team and the teams would have left the field a third time. It did not go as far as there was no other scream and the game ended almost immediately.

The Referees Commission reviews in the present hours the incidents of the matches of the recent day and at the end of the same it will deliver the arbitration certificate to the Disciplinary Commission and the MX League for the respective analysis.


On the other hand, the team reports Chivas that so far has not received any notification related to the homophobic scream from the Disciplinary Commission which reappeared on Sunday in Liga MX, now in Akron.