The Holocaust Museum rejected the sayings of Juan José Sebreli where he compared the porteños with the Jews

The institution published a statement on social networks where it rejected what was expressed by the philosopher in a note published this weekend in the newspaper Clarín Source: Archive

The philosopher Juan Jose Sebreli he gave an interview this weekend to the Ñ Magazine, of the Clarín newspaper, where he said that “the current scapegoat with Kirchnerism is the city of Buenos Aires, the porteños.”

In a note entitled “Freedom and the plague, a four-handed journey between Sebreli and Gioffré”, where he shared an analysis with Marcelo Gioffré, with whom he recently published a book entitled Civil disobedience and responsible freedom (South American), He also compared the inhabitants of the city of Buenos Aires with the Jews in Nazi Germany.

“The current scapegoat with Kirchnerism is the city of Buenos Aires, the porteños. They are almost like Jews in Nazi Germany. I take a position on this: I consider myself from Buenos Aires and not Argentine. I cannot feel like a compatriot of a Formoseño, therefore I’m closer to a Montevidean. Not to mention the north or the south, for me they do not exist “, expressed the philosopher.

Following these statements, el Holocaust Museum, that spreads the genocide of the Jewish people in Argentina, posted a download on social media where he regretted Sebreli’s comparison. “In his political analysis, he considered the porteños to be a scapegoat, ‘almost like the Jews in Nazi Germany.’ It is a clear example of the trivialization of the Shoah that offends the memory of the victims “, expressed the institution, through a post in their official accounts.

Civil disobedience and responsible freedom (Sudamericana) is a short essay generated between the fall and winter of this particular year. There the authors analyze the most famous plagues of humanity, develop the concept of civil disobedience and criticize the measures of the Alberto Fernández government in the face of the pandemic.

At another point in the interview, the thinker pointed out against the vice president: “If we do not manage to stop Kirchnerism and put Cristina in prison, because she is neither going to resign nor calm down, we will fall into a Venezuelan-type dictatorship. This is a semi-democracy , but it will disappear. “

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