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The harsh response of Patricia Bullrich to Máximo Kirchner: “Don’t get distracted”

The former Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, presented her book “War without quarter”

After the speech of Maximum Kirchner in the Chamber of Deputies where he remarked that during the last elections he was “20 points to ‘La leona’ (by María Eugenia Vidal)”, the owner of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, warned him that the 2019 result can be reversed “even if you put the judge who takes care of the ballot boxes.”

Through his Twitter account, Bullrich wrote: “Yes Máximo, they beat us. At the cost of lying to a country. Yesterday the retirees, today the producers, workers and merchants all year round. “

Then he added: “But don’t get distracted because when the peoples run out of patience they sound the lesson. Even if you put the judge who takes care of the ballot boxes “.

The reference It is because Kirchnerism seeks to put Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla, close to the Frente de Todos, in front of the highest Buenos Aires electoral court.

The sayings of Máximo in the session for retirement mobility

“Also reflect on why you lost (the elections) Why did they lose if they had a Monetary Fund that gave them 44 billion dollars? Why did they lose if the two largest newspapers in Argentina said that it was the most successful management in Argentina and that there was a lioness (María Eugenia Vidal) in the governorate of the Province (of Buenos Aires)? ” end of his speech during the early morning.

And completed: “20 points difference we took from ‘La Leona’. That is the lack of management, the lack of sensitivity, not understanding what happens to people. “

“Shout all you want, insult all you want, because it is the greatest certainty that the next election we are going to win again. They lack arguments, they have plenty of insults, “he said before the exclamations coming from the Juntos por el Cambio benches.

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