With this tape, the 81-year-old “queen of rock and roll” forever said goodbye to the fans.

The winner of eight Grammy Awards and a participant in the Guinness Book of Records announced that she was ending her career and would spend the rest of her life a recluse. Mostly in his villa in Zurich. Turner believes 60 years in the music industry is more than enough. In addition, health is poor. Tina suffered a stroke, was treated for bowel cancer, and underwent a kidney transplant. She did not completely get rid of the post-traumatic syndrome, which led to a mental disorder and the need to take antidepressants. This is the legacy of a 16-year marriage to a drug addict Ike Turnerwho beat her and forced her into group sex. Fortunately, her current husband, a 65-year-old German Erwin Bach – a real gentleman, albeit a music producer.

– I have had a difficult life. There was more bad in her than good. Even my mother was not kind to me. But music atoned for my suffering, – says Tina.


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