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The haircut for spring 2021 that is all the rage among French women

The haircut of a Parisian woman may go unnoticed at first glance (and it is part of her mission) but behind it there are professional techniques promoted by world-class stylists and beauticians.

For example, the beauty expert David Mallett, with her salon located on Rue Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris, she has created the very fresh and not-so-polished hairstyle that many of her sophisticated Parisian clients seek. A simple cut that joins the cut of Layered hair, like the winning trends of this season.

So how are French women doing their hair at the moment ?: ‘They are styles very marked by softness,’ says the stylist. ‘Even if we are creating a bob haircut, which in the past could be associated with geometric, this season everything is very smooth. French women look for texture at the ends’ The aesthetic is’ bohemian, poetic and soft ‘, explains the stylist. The most important thing, he adds, is that the cut is not too severe or polished.

One of the cuts of the moment in the country of the Eiffel Tower, is the ‘mullet’ style, soft and relaxed. Jim Morrison With its proportionate and balanced waves, it can serve as the best reference. ‘The hair falls like a soft cascade, very poetic, and it goes perfectly with wavy, straight or curly hair,’ says Mallet. ‘When a client has long hair, we make sure the edges are textured so they move naturally. French hair is a little less neurotic. ‘

Faux pas: straight hair

French hair is less neurotic than whose? Well, to answer this we will say that ultra-smooth hair is no longer in fashion. ‘I have a total dislike of straight hair,’ he states Mallett since according to him, it is the perfect way to show a hair with a ‘dead’ look. On the contrary, this is the time for natural hair: making sure that it looks perfectly imperfect, very relaxed, but that it falls in the ideal way.

‘They all pretend that they don’t care much about their’ look ‘, but the truth is that they spent hours perfecting that style,’ he adds Mallett. ‘For French women there is nothing worse than straight hair, with a line in the middle, they also detest reflections that go from root to tip’.

Soft, blurred color

Instead of a full mane with evenly distributed highlights, French women prefer a freer (but professional) color for coloring their hair. Mallett comments that they like a darker root base, with a lighter color towards the ends. ‘The color must be dimensional. It should be blurred, soft and not defined, ‘he says. ‘It should blend almost like a melted color at the tips. And the traditional reflections are a big NO ‘.

French fringe

Since Jeanne Damascus until Violet Serrat, French women know how to wear a perfect fringe. Mallett he claims the trick is in how they cut it. ‘When cutting the fringe, the edges and ends should be a little bit open, they should look like the edge of jeans a little bit worn,’ he says. Forget cutting it to the millimeter as if you were passing a razor. The geometric fringe is a clear sign that you have just left the room, affirm Mallett, And that’s not French at all. ‘

How to create the favorite hairstyle of French women?

‘Many of my clients love to wear soft curls in the day, and while they don’t like to use the iron to straighten, they do use it to create waves,’ she says. Mallett. ‘Another great tip is to use your hands to adjust the hair, and for our laziest clients, we recommend that they go to sleep with wet hair, when they wake up they will be naturally styled.’

What are the products to achieve the fashionable hairstyle in France?

As with everything related to French hair, the products must be imperceptible, highlight the natural texture or eliminate the ‘frizz’ without being evident. ‘They all want some waves, but you have to use a product that does it without adding weight or making the hair go down,’ he says.

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Article originally published in Vogue UK,

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