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The grunge mane is the trend of the 90s that your hair needs now

Implement a grunge mane in your looks everyday, in addition to assimilating to the predominant styles in which many fashion houses have chosen to show off their latest creations, it may be just what your hair you need to take a break from the chemical and heat processes to stand out again with your shine and natural shape.

The nostalgia for the nineties that has gripped the escena beauty and the world of fashion also has a strong influence on easy hairstyles to do for 2021. Hence, many women have also chosen to wear a grunge mane, a trend which was a favorite in the ninety and that it is now again after a year in isolation due to the global pandemic.

Take the hair a little disheveled and natural it is not the only marked influence we see from the past. It is also the intense outlines, well-lined glossy lips and loaded with gloss and hair accessories that we thought wouldn’t have a return after being unnoticed for so long, like donuts. We tell you what this new is about trend which will give priority to your natural waves.

What is a grunge mane?

It is a predictable consequence that the last year that we have spent in contingency is in many ways the axis from which hair trends for 2021 start. sleek or too smooth have gone into the background so that the styles messy and carefree are the most replicated both in the catwalks, like at home and in the street style. Hence the grunge mane that we saw in the nineties has taken a second life and is part of your daily styling without knowing it.

It is messy, carefree hairstyle and a little careless that we copy so much to Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss Y Gwyneth Paltrow a couple of decades ago it was one of the favorites even for this year. Although now it is easier to make an appointment with your favorite stylist to the difficulties that doing something like this represented in 2020, there are many women who still resist passing scissors or irons over their hair and have found in that naturalness a way to bring out your natural beauty and give your hair a chance to grow strong and healthy.

Where else have we seen grunge manes?

The trend what will your release hair It is precisely the one that today inspires the collections of great fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Balmain O Kenso for your collections spring-summer 2021 Y fall 2021. The models of these brands paraded with the most recent creations that will accompany us this year embracing the natural fall of their hair, even those rebellious hairs that always manage to prevail were admitted both in straight and curly manes.

How to get a grunge mane?

The way to get one grunge mane It is simple and democratic, suitable for everyone in whatever length you are wearing now. To do this you simply have to leave your hair it as natural as possible and give it a little movement with the right products. It will be vitally important that this look well hydrated, So if you need to reinforce with styling creams, oils or hair serums, don’t hesitate to do so.

If you would like to make the look it was even more dramatic you can help yourself with a comb to frizz very slightly the crown, starting from a line in the middle, and let the strands fall on each side of your face. This will be very useful if you have the hair too limp and heavy, to emphasize in this messy style, since if you have waves or you are Chinese then it will not be necessary. The secret to always looking pretty for everyone is that comb the ends well and these do not look sloppy.

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