The green tide flooded social networks after the sa …

After The Senate of the Nation would make the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE) law, the reactions on social networks did not wait, despite the fact that the vote was at 4:12 in the morning. On twitter, The hashtags #EsLey, #SeHizoLey and # HermosaMñanaVerdad became a trend and both users and officials celebrated the expansion of rights for pregnant people in Argentina.

Vilma Ibarra, Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency and author of the IVE project, recognized “the struggle of so many” to achieve the legalization of abortion. “From today we will live in a more egalitarian country that recognizes autonomy and dignity for women”wrote the official

The Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, stressed that “we are making history.” “IT’S LAW! The green tide made this struggle and this militancy a reality “said the official through her account.

“Never again in Argentina will a woman interrupt her pregnancy alone and in poor conditions,” proclaimed the president of the National Council for Social Policies, Victoria Tolosa Paz. Further, He recalled the fundamental role that the recently deceased former Senator Fernando “Pino” Solanas played during the 2018 debate in Congress by claiming enjoyment. “This is also yours, Pino!” Said Tolosa Paz.

The Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollan, also joined the celebratory messages. “Finally, the IVE is law in Argentina. More rights and more public health. Congratulations to those who made it possible, especially to ELLAS, for their unwavering struggle“, he claimed.

“It is law, it is legal, it is a reality. What a piece of history we take companions – highlighted Georgina Orellano, general secretary of the union of prostitutes (AMMAR) -. The collective relief for having conquered the debt that democracy owed us ”.

For his part, the constitutional lawyer, Andrés Gil Domínguez -one of the speakers in favor of the IVE in the debate in commissions- wrote: “For my mother who is no longer here, for my daughter that will succeed me IS LAW.”

International greetings also came. In the official account of the San Sebastián Film Festival They published: “Congratulations to Argentine citizens and Argentine citizens. Today is a great day. IT IS ALREADY LAW”. In 2019, a green handkerchief was made at the event after the documentary by Juan Solanas “La ola verde (let it be law)” was shown.

Other Twitter users celebrated by remembering women and pregnant people in their families that they had or did not have an abortion. “For my great-grandmother who died in a clandestine abortion, for my grandmother who was sterile due to a poorly done one, and for my other grandmother who almost died in one, it is law.”

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