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The great scapegoats of Mourinho: from Ndombele to Shaw and Ramos

Tottenham manager José Mourinho proved once again that he has no problem pointing fingers at his players after his team blew a lead to end a 2-goal tie with Newcastle this weekend.

The Spurs reached halftime 2-1 up on a quick double from Harry Kane, but ended up losing their lead in the 85th minute when Joe Willock, on loan from Arsenal, salvaged a point for Steve Bruce’s side.

According to Opta, Tottenham have lost more leads than any other team in the league after halftime in 2020-21, in six games, and lost 11 points this season on goals conceded in the final 10 minutes.

After the match, they reminded Mourinho that in the past their teams were famous for holding on to their advantages, and he told the BBC: “Same coach, different players.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Mourinho has blamed his own players (and / or members of the coaching staff) in front of a global audience, so it seems like a good time to review some of his big hits.

Tanguy Ndombele

After Tottenham staggered to end a 1-1 draw with Burnley in March 2020, new DT Mourinho decided to reach into his big bag of scapegoats and found a new name to put the blame on him.

This time, Tanguy Ndombele, signed for a record € 62m, was the one who paid the duck after being in the fierce sights of Mourinho. The Spurs manager openly criticized the midfielder’s lack of commitment during his post-match interview.

Ndombele was replaced at halftime, and Mourinho questioned how many more chances the Frenchman would have to make a good impression after his poor performance in recent weeks.

“He is a very talented player, and he has to understand that he must play much better. On many occasions our midfielders were hidden. I cannot continue giving them opportunities to play because the team is more important than the players.”

Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw bore the brunt of Mourinho’s wrath for most of his tenure at Manchester United, as the Portuguese often ripped his left back to shreds.

Things came to a head when Mourinho took to running up and down the touchline with Shaw – who had just recovered from an injury – during a match against Everton in 2017, shouting basic positional instructions to his. defender, to later take credit for his performance at the end of the game.

“He (Shaw) was in front of me and I made all his decisions. He has to change his mindset for football. We need his fantastic physical and technical qualities, but he can’t keep using my brain.”

Marcus Rashford y Anthony Martial

When United suffered an embarrassing 1-0 loss to Brighton towards the end of the 2017-18 season, Mourinho decided it was the fault of the two forwards he had selected.

With Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez unavailable, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial filled the vacancies, although towards the end of the match they probably wished they hadn’t, as they failed to make an impact on the match.

“It was not good enough. The players who replaced the others did not perform at a good level and when they do that, it is difficult for a team to play well.”

“Maybe now they won’t ask me why A, B and C don’t play so much. People always ask, ‘why always Lukaku? Well, now you know why always Lukaku.”

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Despite his obvious talent, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was a rather peripheral figure at United under Mourinho’s leadership, as the manager often accused the player of disappearing during matches.

After leaving the Armenian striker out of the squad in two consecutive games at the end of 2017, Mourinho gave his explanation at a press conference.

“Mkhi started the season very well and then he has disappeared little by little. His performance in terms of goals and assists, high pressure, recovering balls in advanced positions of the court, leading the team as a 10, everything was decreasing little. to little. That was enough (so that he does not start), because the others have worked hard to have a chance. “

Sergio Ramos

Even veteran Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has not been immune to Mourinho’s wrath during his difficult stint at the Bernabéu.

Following a 1-1 draw against Manchester United in the Champions League round of 16 in February 2013, Mourinho directly pointed to Ramos as the man responsible for Danny Welbeck’s goal after allowing his man to slide freely from a corner.

“If they see it on television, they can see what happened. We train, we organize ourselves, we assign a task to each player, we watch videos of the opponent to learn their strengths in set pieces. But when you lose your individual battles, it doesn’t matter. the organization. They scored in their first attack, and that changed the game. “

Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas

In one of the most scathing scolds of his career, Mourinho mercilessly gave his renowned Chelsea players after a dismal start to the 2015-16 season.

After claiming the Premier League title just months earlier, the Blues were slumped, adding defeat after defeat and positioned at the bottom of the table. Indeed, another “surprise” loss to Leicester City saw Mourinho launch himself headlong with a loud rebuke of his so-called “superstars.”

The Portuguese started by saying that he had been “betrayed” by his players before starting with a string of little disguised contempt in his direction.

“They have to look at Sunderland and Watford and say, ‘hey, now we’re on the same level. I’m not the superstar, I’m not the best player of the season, I’m not the world champion. I’m not the Premier League champion. Right now. myself, I’m at your level. ‘”

Ball boy

Not only are their players in danger of being attacked by Mourinho’s tongue, with the poor Old Trafford ball boys finding out in the worst possible way that they weren’t immune either.

With Manchester United’s home form reeling in early 2018, Mourinho is said to have decided that the team’s losing streak was to blame for the speed at which the ball boys returned the balls. Mourinho kicked out ball boys who were too slow to get balls back on the pitch after a 2-0 win over Hull in the semi-finals of the League Cup in January 2017. He selected the youths from United’s Under-16 team for a 1-1 draw with Liverpool after that.

This was not the first time that Mourinho had become annoyed with the ball boys, with the Portuguese marching straight to the touchline to challenge a youngster while his Chelsea team trailed behind Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in 2014.

“I told (the ball boy) not to do that, because there is a risk that one of my players will hit him or lose his temper. Don’t do that (deliberately delay the game) because it may cause an incident. But someone told him To do it”.

Your barber

Mourinho didn’t even take care of the extremely short hair he appeared with earlier this year, blaming his barber for keeping cutting his hair shorter and shorter while he had fallen asleep in the salon chair.

“The reason for the haircut is that the barber was bad, and he did a bad job. I fell asleep and when I woke up, the haircut was so bad that I said, ‘hand me (the razor)’. I hope it grows back.” .

We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that maybe – just maybe – you’ve been joking.

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