the grandfather of telecommunications continues to release news and is still used in many companies

In the nineties the sound of faxes caused the same sensation of novelty as the notification of a new email or a WhatsApp nowadays, and they were the fastest tool for sending documents over a long distance. After, The internet expanded its domains and its role in the exchange of texts decreased, but it has never been extinguished.. In fact, today its market is still wide and it comes out with features for the cloud, touch screens and there are even fully digital fax services.

Most of the faxes sold today are integrated into multifunction devices that are, at the same time, printer, scanner and fax. Brother, one of the main manufacturers of these equipment, ensures that in 2019 it sold 380,000 of them and more than 430,000 in 2020.

There are also models that incorporate the most current computer systems, such as cloud faxes from manufacturer LexmarkInstead of connecting through the telephone cable, they send the documents through the cloud.

These machines are still used so much that Lexmark Launched Five New MFPs With Built-In Faxes Less Than A Month Ago and cloud connection, three in color (Lexmark MC3224i, MC3326i and MC3426i) and two in black and white (Lexmark MB2236i and MB3442i). And MFPs from HP, Kyocera or Brother released in recent years also incorporate them. Brother goes even further and in its catalog has a device that only has the function of fax, the FAX-2845 monochrome laser.

“Los faxes sThey are still a recurring communication format to send and receive notifications and give them official status in a legal manner. They serve as valid evidence and create authentic and original documents. Their main value is that they are a time stamp, with which there is evidence of the sender, the receiver, when they received it and what they contain ”, they explain from Brother.

Therefore, companies and state agencies continue to use them to send documents that need legal support, such as contracts, licenses, inheritances or legal requirements. They are also a good alternative, according to the manufacturers, to speed up the exchange of delivery notes, since when they are entered in the fax they are sent directly without the need to digitize them.

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The virtual fax

In addition to physical devices, there are also virtual fax platforms that allow you to send this type of communication with legal support. without the need for machines, telephone connection or additional software.

One of those websites is Virtual Fax, which gives the possibility to send documents from email with fax category. With this company, the user attaches the communication that he wishes to send in PDF and writes in the subject of the email his fax number and a tagline that the company gives him when he hires its services, which are paid by subscription. This email reaches the company’s server and the company is responsible for sending the fax and sending the sender a valid digital acknowledgment of receipt to their email.

Correos is another of the companies that provide services of this nature, in its case of pay per use. The postal company allows the sending of burofaxes from its web platform with the option of physically delivering them at the recipient’s address or at another post office.

However, the downside of these services is that the user has to previously digitize the document they want to send, since normally, as they are legal texts, they are usually in physical format for signing the signatures and stamps of the interested parties.

With multifunction machines that incorporate fax, it is not necessary to involve a computer to send and, in addition, the acknowledgment of receipt arrives directly and automatically, something crucial for those who work daily with orders, inventories or delivery notes “, they explain from Brother.

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