“The government of Alberto and Cristina is one year old and we, the political prisoners, continue”

The detained leader of Tupac Amaru Milagro Sala targeted President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Kirchner because their government was one year old and the situation of the former officials and Kirchner leaders detained did not change.

“Although we are living with the national and popular government, which has already completed a year, because on December 10 Alberto and Cristina have completed a year as national and popular government, we, the political prisoners, continue“Sala complained.

The Jujuy social leader stated this at the opening of her radio program called “Resistiré”, which is broadcast on Saturdays by Radio El Uncover. “Some of us continue with domiciliary, which is not pleasant,” he said.

Sala thus not only supported the claim made by the also detained former vice president Amado Boudou after the ruling that ordered the removal of the benefit of house arrest, but also again rejected the position of the national government on the former detained officials.

“Some out there at some point wanted to give the discussion that we were with arbitrary arrests. Let them put the title they want, but at the end we are in prison,” he replied.

Followed, Sala remarked: “Until today we don’t have any kind of solution.”

“Today, January 2, we have been four years, 11 months and I would have 14 days to complete five years living with the great injustice of the lawfare installed in the country for quite some time and in America,” he lamented.

Sala made these statements after the proposals of Boudou, who last Thursday expressed his discomfort at continuing in prison despite having completed the first year of the government of the Frente de Todos.

“Without a doubt I thought that one year with this government in power it would not be like that. What is happening is serious and democracy is degraded,” said Boudou.

In addition, the former vice president convicted in the Ciccone case, said that “it is clear that this situation requires a political solution because lawfare is a political issue.”

Boudou ruled this way after the ruling of Judge Daniel Obligado, who revoked the benefit of house arrest on the start of the judicial fair. The measure will be appealed and defined by the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber.

In this regard, Sala said that “the militants have to come in to react.” “We do not have to let any militant comrade or Cristina feel on a bench anymore“, he summoned.

“They are chasing us. What are they waiting for, for Cristina to be locked up in a jail?“He warned and reiterated:” We must react, we cannot continue to allow them to continue to overwhelm us, not only for Milagro Solo, for all the political prisoners in the country. ”

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